3 Things You Have To Know Before Playing WOW Classic

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August 27 was the release date of World of Warcraft Classic, an old version of the most popular MMORPG in the history of video games, released independently for fans who have asked so much to revive the old glories of the famous Blizzard title, transforming it into an immediate success.

The original version of World of Warcraft was released more than 15 years ago and WOW Classic is based on patch 1.2 of that version entitled ‘The Drums of War’, same as the game worked before its first expansion, The Burning Crusade, which revolutionized the entire gameplay of the title and made the game even more popular in the industry.

However, despite the fact that many players have called for the return of WOW Classic, it can be difficult for not-so-veteran fans to adjust to the old mechanics of the game and how tedious the gameplay could be sometimes.

Specifically, there are more than 15 years of improvements and updates that are being omitted in WOW Classic, so the gaming experience could be outdated in comparison with the videogames scene today, so if you are interested in delving into this world and you are not one of those who enjoyed the game during its first months, you must have a lot of patience to fully understand it.

Therefore, here are some tips that you can use to understand how WOW Classic works and the things you must adapt to in order to enjoy all the experience:


Not So Many Races Or Classes Here

There were far fewer factions, races, classes, and maps when WOW was released15 years ago, so be ready to miss a lot of them when you start to play WOW Classic.

Creatures such as worgens, goblins, pandaren, draeneis or blood elves are not present in WOW Classic for now, so don’t even try to search for them, you will not find them anywhere.

Also, you will not be able to reach places in Azeroth that are further from Kalimdor or the Eastern Kingdoms, because none of these places exist here.


No Easygoldhere

Yeah, finding gold in WOW these days is very easy and quick, but previously it was quite difficult to find this mineral in Azeroth, so saving and spending it only on what is strictly necessary is the key for success.

Of course, you can always buy WOW gold Classic to make your experience more peaceful, since obtaining gold within the game can be very complicated.


Leveling Up Wasn’t That Easy Before

The best thing to do in order to level up quick is choosing a combination of races and classes that make this task easier for you, since this was one of the most tedious things that World of Warcraft had in its beginnings and the reason that a lot of players abandoned the game forever.

According to experts, hunters, witches, and wizards are the characters that level up the fastest, so we recommend choosing one of these to avoid this big problem. If you have problems of leveling up, you can try the boosting service provides by GoldPiles.com

WOW Classic is now available on Microsoft Windows and MAC OS.

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