An egg separator machine that suits the needs of your plant

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Want to buy an egg processing machine from the world’s best manufacturer? Purchase one of the high quality Moba Group machines. They are efficient, reliable and durable. What more could you want from an egg processing machine? Their egg separator machine, for instance, separates the egg whites from the yolks at a variety of speeds. Depending on the quantity of eggs your plant needs to separate, you need a big or a small machine. Both are available at Moba Group, so you are sure to find equipment that fits your needs.

Choose from different types machines: both new and used

Whether your plant is big or small, you can find a reliable egg processing or separator machine in the broad product range that Moba Group offers. Their equipment comes in different shapes and sizes. The machinery not only differs in processing speed, there are also differences in tasks they can take over from you. Some machinery can clean, grade and package eggs whereas others just separate egg whites from yolks. There is even equipment that is able to determine the size of the eggs. That is not where your choice ends though, because you also choose between new and used machinery. Their new machines already come at a fair price, but the used machinery works equally efficient and is even better priced. This way even small farms, that do not have the large budgets that processing plants do, can buy their high-end machinery.

Support and maintenance

Even the world’s best egg processing machine is in need of maintenance every now and then. In those moments you can also count on the reliable services of Moba Group. Their customer support is available 24/7. Should you run into any problems with your machine, they will diagnose the cause straight away and send a support team if needed. This way you are ensured of a well-functioning egg separator or processing machine you can use for many years to come. Order yours now and benefit from the high quality machinery and excellent customer support that Moba Group offers.

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