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Van Build Guide? If you’re building an RV or you’re probably already building one, you’re probably looking for a van build guide. No wonder, because when building your own motorhome, many different questions come up.

Fortunately, there were many before you who went through the entire project. The same applies to the motorhome construction experts from by NOMADS. You have already built two different motorhomes yourself and therefore know exactly what you can come across when building.

The couple have been living as digital nomads since 2018, traveling around the world in their self-built camper. They have traveled to countries such as Sweden, France, New Zealand, Italy and Switzerland with their mobile home. They now make a living from their motorhome construction website. Which they still like to do.

After the initial construction of their motor home, they decided to record the entire construction of the motor home in video and writing. For example, they have written several blogs that delve deeper into building an RV. Topics such as the installation of mobile home windows, a water system and a power system are no longer news to them.

They have also created a van build guide in the form of various e-books. The general camper e guide is free. In it, they describe all the general steps involved in constructing a motorhome. They have also written three other van conversion guides that discuss things like electricity, water and various camper conversion ideas.

If you want to download this Van build Guide, it is best to go to their website where you can find the Van build Guide in the menu and download it for free. More than fifty thousand people have already downloaded this manual and are very happy with it.

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June 6, 2022 |
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