Best paid blog sites are easy to use

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Best BLOG websites

Being a marketeer was never easier since lauched their online marketing platform. You write your whitepaper or publication and submit by the online marketingtool. The minimum words you use are 300 and if you like you can add a strong picture directly connected to your webpages. In the articles you have the ablitity to make a do follow link to your prefered webpage. This helps to get linkjuice for you ranking in Google. So go for the best paid blog sites to be sure that your work will be in the top rank of your audience.


The content you write has to be unique. This means that you can’t use old texts you have have published once or copy from other authors. When you work with duplicate content you will be punished by Google. The thrustworthy of your article will downgrade so being lazy is one thing, harming your company or customer is anohter thing. 

Rich content

Be aware that you write serious content that will be appriciated by Google. You will be seen as the authority when it comes to a certain subject. So you have to write high quality articles that your audience will appriciate and willing to share with there colleaques of by social media. When using the Phokus webtools you can share by socials media easily. You can use the social buttons and distribute you proza all over the world.


You are your own moderator so be keen that you don’t do keyword stuffing or other spammy trinks to push your keywords. When you write a wonderful article it can rank in the top 10 on the same page as the webpage you want to rank with. Don’t be lazy and select the category where your article is related to. This will help Google to place your article in the right direction.
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