De perfecte boomstamtafel stel je gewoon zelf samen

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Als je op zoek bent naar een trendy maar tijdloze tafel is een boomstamtafel precies wat je nodig hebt. Dit (letterlijk) unieke meubelstuk past in echt élk interieur, van industrieel tot klassiek, van landelijk tot avant-gardistisch, de boomstamtafel voegt altijd een stukje sfeer toe.

De meest duurzame tafel

Boomstamtafels zijn oerdegelijk en tijdloos. Als je een boomstamtafel koopt hoef je niet bang te zijn dat je over een paar jaar opnieuw op zoek moet. En omdat ze op maat gemaakt worden, treedt er nooit verspilling op. Kies je ook nog eens voor een meubelmaker die alleen het beste FSC-gecertificeerde eikenhout gebruikt, zoals Tafels99 en je kunt ervan op aan dat jouw boomstamtafel aan de hoogste duurzaamheidseisen voldoet.

Stap-voor-stap naar jouw perfecte boomstamtafel

Bij stel je zelf stap-voor-stap de perfecte boomstamtafel samen. Selecteer de juiste afmeting voor het tafelblad. Je tafel kan elke lengte krijgen, van 160 centimeter tot zelfs vier meter lang!

Wil je een ongebruikelijke maat? Geen probleem! Omdat onze meubelmakers bouwen jouw tafel gewoon in onze eigen werkplaats met jouw bestelling aan de slag gaan, zijn we flexibeler dan welke meubelmaker ook!

Nadat je het juste tafelblad hebt uitgezocht is het tijd voor het onderstel. Voor een industriële look kies je voor een onderstel van metaal met zwarte poedercoating. Wil je een traditionelere uitstraling? Dan kies je voor hout als onderstel.

Nu de belangrijkste keuzes voor jouw boomstamtafel gemaakt zijn is het tijd de puntjes op de i te zetten. Als het vooral belangrijk is dat je tafel een natuurlijke uitstraling heeft, laat je deze onbehandeld leveren. Wees dan wel voorzichtig met hitte en vocht, want bij onbehandeld hout kan dit vlekken opleveren.

Je kunt er ook voor kiezen je tafel te voorzien van een beschermende laklaag, eventueel met een kleurtje, of om een andere afwerking te geven. Van de grote lijnen tot de laatste details, jij bepaalt het allemaal. Het is tenslotte jouw boomstamtafel, nietwaar?

Maak een afspraak

Nieuwsgierig naar de vele mogelijkheden? Moeite met kiezen? Of denk je dat wat je wilt écht onmogelijk is? Neem dan contact op voor een afspraak met een van onze adviseurs!

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Macaron Boxes Perfect Packaging Solution for Desserts

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Macaron boxes are made up of a food-grade technique that helps them to produce the best food covers. For which the food products stay organic and preserve their taste in it. 

The personalized packing box that is synthetic with well-secured cardboard aids in the making of different objects that can be utilized for professional and daily use.  Like velvet and appetizing macarons are packaged in custom-designed. The macaron custom boxes will avert nutrients from trailing their quality and shape. These boxes can be originated in all sizes and shapes. Further provision for the product can also be auxiliary to the box. The boxes can be Deco ornaments can also be added on the top of the box to create a unique and stirring look. Modern printing possibilities can also be pragmatic to attain this objective in a well-organized manner.

Mini Macaron Boxes

The boxes are vacant in a range of sizes that the packing companies initiate to provide it. When you have to send an invite with the tallying of delightful dessert. Like macarons or cookies, these mini macaron boxes are something that can create them more special and beautiful. Get customize these mini macaron packaging boxes to make your events or product looks amazing and creative. These boxes will also realm freshness and taste.

Get the Delightful Custom Cookie Macaron Boxes

People love to arrange events and parties and are warned to make the moments special and unforgettable. For the sake of this, they hire different decors and caters. And we can help you make your events the same as you want especially when it comes to the packaging of gifting sweets or desserts on the table. The desserts should not only taste delicious but presented in a way that increases the value. For we can provide personalized boxes to pack your sweets. The customers can avail of the facility of custom boxes to print names and messages on them according to the events. This customized addition will show how much effort you have put into making all the things special and wonderful.   

The macaron printed boxes are seamless for personal events packing or for companies to present their product in the market. For the companies, you get the logo and company name printed on these boxes which represent a good image of the brand to the customers. For that, the boxes are available in many styles, sizes, and colors. The neon and chunky colors attract customers to lure for the purchase. This because the needs of every individual vary from person to person. This is the reason RSF Packaging offers a variety of products to cater to the need of every customer.

Avail of the Macaron Wholesale Boxes

When we claim to provide products that fit with your demands in every way. We care for you and providing macaron bulk boxes wholesale which will cut down the cost of the product to some extent. And gives a feeling of relaxation. Understanding the effort of managing your budget when it comes to packing many items or while dealing with other business essentials. For this get the macaron wholesale boxes. Therefore, we offer you can reduce macaron packaging boxes wholesale to give you a solution to manage resources

Eco-friendly Macaron Packaging Boxes

The nature-friendly macaron shipping boxes are not harmful to the surroundings. Although, can match the requirements too. The quality of boxes maintained beneath the severe and routine management scrutiny. The customers are the highest priority. For this providing the service for which you have paid for and also are effective. These boxes can be reused many times to pack different products and then recycled. This will not cause any kind of polluting substances in the air and keeps the earth green.

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    •  Sign

      Sign DSC can only be used for signing documents. The most popular usage of is signing the PDF file for Tax Returns, MCA and other websites. Signing via DSC gives the assurance of not only the integrity of the signer but also the data. It is proof of untampered and unaltered data.

    •  Encrypt

      Encrypt DSC can only be used to encrypt a document, it is popularly used in the tender portal, to help companies encrypt the documents and upload. You could also use the certificate to encrypt and send classified information. Encrypt DSC is fit for e-commerce documents, legal documentation and sharing documents that are highly confidential and contains information that needs to be protected. We are selling Encrypt certificate as a standalone product as well.

    •  Sign & Encrypt

      Our Sign & Encrypt DSC can be used for both signing and encrypting. It is convenient for users who need to authenticate and maintain the confidentiality of the information shared. Its usage includes filing government form and application.


  •  Patent and trademark e-filing

  •  MCA e-filing

  •  Customs e-filing

  •  E-procurement

  •  E-biding

  •  E-auction

    MCA e-filing

    •  Income Tax e-filing

    •  LLP registration

    •  GST application

    •  IE code registration
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WooCommerce Paint Calculator Plugin

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WooCommerce Paint Calculator Plugin:-

WooCommerce Paint Calculator plugin adds multiple products at once in the cart. According to your measurement calculation, you need to tell the area in m2 it will calculate, estimate, and then add Products in the cart. Please check out:


Features of WooCommerce Paint Calculator (Bulk Products Estimator)

  • Paint Calculator bulk Product buyer
  • Easy estimator for all Paint products
  • Work with WooCommerce Products
  • First Estimation then add to cart
  • Micro cement, Micro primer, and all other paint products
  • Easy to install and use
  • Fully responsive layout
  • Easy to user in any page with shortcode
  • Setting options to control plugin

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SEO Services in Lahore

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Filter Sols is providing Search Engine Optimization, Website Development, Website Designing, Pay Per Click Management, Content Marketing Design, Local SEO, Mobile Marketing other Social Media Marketing services all over the Pakistan. We are providing one of the BEST SEO services in Pakistan for more than 3 years. In very best prices we are offering ecommerce seo packages » . You can check our portfolio by clicking the given link: » Filter Sols serve their clients professionally to grab organic traffic on your site and compete your opponent on the basis of competitive keywords. We are working on multiple strategies of SEO like: • SEO Audit • Keyword Analysis • Link Building • Content Optimization • Page speed • Local SEO. Why Choose Filter Sols? Filter Sols serving above services since many years, there are 100s of Satisfied and Trusted clients. We have a team of Certified Experts, Proven Techniques using advance tools. If you are looking to grow your business or want to take and keep your site on top of Google, Filter Sols is here to serve you.
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Een sales training volgen!

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Accountmanagers bereiken meer doelen met een sales training.

Het doel van accountmanagers is het werven van nieuwe klanten, waar de salesmedewerkers effectief verkopen en een goede band met klanten ontwikkelen. Dit is voor jou als ondernemer erg belangrijk. Je wilt dat klanten positief te spreken zijn over jouw diensten en dat zij deze positieve ervaring delen met referenten, die vervolgens ook zaken met jouw bedrijf willen doen.

Dit is makkelijker gezegd dan gedaan. Vele bedrijven ervaren moeilijkheden op het gebied van de sales. Medewerkers bereiken hun doelen niet, wat leidt tot minder inkomsten. Een sales training, aangeboden door Excellent Commerciële Trainingen kunt u daarbij helpen!

Een ervaringsdeskundige spreekt: “Wij hebben als bedrijf intern een in company training gevolgd. Na twee maanden zag ik al een stijgende lijn in de omzet ontstaan. Tijdens de trainingen werden een aantal salestechnieken aangeboden en leerden we stap voor stap de inhoud en belang van een salesproces. Zo maakt het volgen van een salesproces het dagelijks werk van iedereen makkelijker. Hierdoor zijn wij ook achter de valkuilen binnen onze uitvoering van het proces gekomen. Wij hebben de salestraining van Excellent Commerciële Trainingen als zeer positief ervaren. Zeker een aanrader!”

Wil jij ook de sales professionaliseren? Meld je dan aan voor een salestraining bij Excellent Commerciële Trainingen.
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Three reasons why every PC gamer should have a PC gaming desk

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Gaming. The hobby of a lot of people. Some people only played some videogames when they grew up. Some people still play them occasionally when they grow older. And then there is also a large group of people that are fanatic gamers. Some will play on the console (PlayStation, Xbox) and others will play on the PC. But it’s a very popular way to pass time, that’s for sure.

And we understand that. Because when you play a videogame, you enter a different world. You lose track of time and get drawn into the story that’s unfolding on your screen. Or you just enjoy crushing your family, friends or colleagues with FIFA of course. But when you spend a lot of time gaming you will at some point also invest in a nice gaming setup. The first thing that then comes to mind is of course a good gaming PC that will have the best performance. Then, maybe a nice monitor that will give you the best experience in terms of graphics. And after that you might think about a good gaming keyboard, mouse, chair and/or headset. But what about your desk? A lot of gamers think it’s just a desk to put your stuff on so you can enjoy gaming. But we tend to disagree. We think a gaming desk is an important addition to your gaming setup, and here are the three reasons why.

Gaming desks are more ergonomic than normal desks

When you spend a lot of time gaming you start to think about ergonomics. Nowadays, also normal desks spend more time thinking about this as people spend more and more time behind their computers, also for work. But PC gaming desks are designed with this in mind. Most of them will have a curve in the table so you have enough support for your arms for example. And others are adjustable in terms of height so you can make sure your not staring downwards at your screen. This is very important in making sure you do not get any RSI problems.

Gaming desks look better than the average desk

Yes. This is important. Gaming is all about experience. And a nice gaming setup really adds to that experience. That’s why a lot of the gaming gear comes in vibrant colors and additional LED lightning. It’s about emerging yourself in a different world and a nice looking gaming desk will definitely add to that. So no more boring standard desks with a screen on it. We want to have the sleek, carbon look gaming desk with integrated LED lights that will look great with the rest of our gaming setup!

Gaming desks are designed with the gamer in mind

Maybe we already convinced you, but the last reason is definitely not the least: gaming desks are designed with the gamer in mind. And this is important. For example: PC gaming desks often have cable management that will reduce the amount of wires on your desk. Additionally the mouse mat is most of the time integrated and covers your whole table so that your mouse will have a good response everywhere. And if that’s not enough, most of the gaming desks come with additional features such as a cup holder or hook for you gaming headset. So that’s definitely a lot better than your average computer desk.

Convinced? Good. We wish you all the best in picking the right gaming desk!

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Als het om je dak gaat, neem je met minder dan het allerbeste geen genoegen. Gelukkig hoef je niet langer meer te zoeken naar een dakdekkersbedrijf dat ouderwets vakmanschap combineert met de nieuwste en modernste technieken in dakrenovatie en dakonderhoud. Roofingservice Nederland is al bijna een halve eeuw de vertrouwde naam voor alle soorten dakbedekking.

Dakinspectie en planmatig onderhoud

Wanneer een dakdekkersbedrijf goed werk levert, zult u hen niet hoeven bellen omdat u onverwachts een lekkage heeft. Voorkomen is beter dan genezen. Bij Roofingservice Nederland zetten we alles op alles om problemen te voorkomen. Laat ons een dakinspectie uitvoeren en u weet binnen enkele dagen hoe uw dak eraan toe is. Met ons inspectierapport in de hand is het heel eenvoudig een meerjaren onderhoudsplan voor uw dak op te stellen. Dankzij dit plan weet u bij ons niet alleen wat u de komende jaren aan onderhoud kunt verwachten, maar weet u ook precies met welke kosten u rekening moet houden.


Zelfs het best onderhouden dak kan problemen veroorzaken. Storm en andere onvoorziene omstandigheden kunnen uw dak beschadigen, waardoor lekkages kunnen optreden. Gelukkig staan we ook klaar bij calamiteiten. Onze calamiteitenlijn (0575-56 55 55) is 24/7 bereikbaar.

Wat de schade ook is, en waar in Nederland uw dak zich ook bevindt, binnen ons dakdekkersbedrijf hebben we de kennis in huis om deze te herstellen.

Onze waarden en beloftes

Roofingservice Nederland wil het beste dakdekkersbedrijf van Nederland zijn. Daar durven we best een paar beloftes over te doen:

–          24/7 beschikbare calamiteiten service

–          Transparante werkwijze: u weet precies wat u van ons kunt verwachten

–          Geen verrassingen achteraf (meerwerk)

–          Professionele vaklieden, die elk jaar bijscholing ondergaan

–          We laten de werkplek netjes opgeruimd achter

Roofingservice Nederland: een beter dakdekkersbedrijf zult u niet vinden

Of u nu met spoed een dakdekker nodig heeft om een calamiteit op te lossen, of juist op zoek bent naar een meerjarig onderhoudsplan waarmee u de kosten beheert, Roofingservice Nederland staat u bij. Bel (0575-56 55 55) of mail ( voor een vrijblijvende kennismaking.
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Tips to Protect Your Data from Hackers

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In this age of advancement in technologies, cybercrimes have also been increased; hacking is also one of its branches. Some of the super talented minds instead of using their skills to achieve a productive goal, use them to extract others’ data and destroy their records. So the condition is that it’s difficult to stop them from making thefts but you can prevent yourself from their attacks by taking useful measures. Some helpful tips are given below that can protect your data from hackers.

Use Heavy Antivirus Software

Hackers usually target those systems that have weak security due to the presence of viruses. You should first prevent viruses to prevent hacking. The use of heavy antiviruses saves your data from the risks of being hacked.

Use VPN Services

VPNs allow you a safe and secure survey by hiding your real IP address so that no one can approach you through it. Also, a VPN like Circuit VPN works as a firewall and hides all your private information and online engagements.

Use Complicated Passwords

The use of complicated passwords and security pins can also protect your data. Don’t use family-friendly passwords because if the hacker knows you, he’ll extract your password easily and use email to get access to all the aspects of your business and personal life without any difficulty.

Ignore Spam Messages

There are many sites that when you then a spam message pops up on your screen. Some sites send you spam emails. It’s better not to respond to such messages and notifications because these are just mediums to install viruses in your device.

Also, try not to accept the terms and policies of unknown sites; if there is any restriction of accepting their cookies without which you cannot access their content so it’s better to leave them. You should avoid visiting unknown websites and keep your system up to date with virus-killers and other essential requirements to restrain hackers to get onto your data.
March 16, 2021 |

best wishes

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On Easter, People from the Christian people group, generally enhance Easter eggs and welcome each other with sweet rarities, particularly chocolate, to stamp this day. Other than this, individuals additionally welcome each other by saying the expression ‘Christ is ascended’ to which others react by saying ‘Favored is the revival of Christ.’Here are some Easter Wishes and good tidings you can use to wish your loved ones a Happy Easter.

  • Lavender plaid, pinks, and pastels everywhere, sun shining and blue skies… It’s almost like being on a golf course in South Florida! Happy Easter.
  • Wishing you sunshine and a basket full of chocolate on this beautiful day. Happy Easter!
  • May you find the renewal of hope, health, love, and the spirit of God.
  • “Celebrate this day with peace, love, and bliss. Have a blessed and holy Easter!”Happy Easter to you and your lovely family.
  • Wish you a blessed Easter, honey! May the light of God shine on your way always and His wisdom helps you in your way!
  • This Easter, may God bless you with abundant happiness, love, laughter, and everything you wish for. Happy Easter to you and your family!
  • Be thankful because Jesus gave us another chance to be a good person. His death cleansed us from our sins.
  • May the Lord bless your home with happiness and unwavering faith this Easter.
  • Enjoy your family reunion and may this Easter be memorable and fun.

    Have a blessed Easter! May the spirit of Easter bring you and your family a festivity full of joy and happiness.


    In the event that Easter messages are the thing you are searching for, sneak look into our assortment and pick the one that grabs your eye. You will unquestionably go over what you need, we can wager that. Anyway, what’s keeping you down? Peruse our page, pick the messages you discover pleasant and send them to your friends and family to perk them up


    Celebrate and make merry for the Lord has risen.
    Happy Easter to you and those around you.

    Happy Easter May this day bring you blessings of love, joy, peace and hope.
    May it linger in your heart forever.

    May the morning of Easter
    Bring you beauty of spring colours,
    A large basket of eggs
    And a plenty of joy!

    Happy Easter 2021! May this joyful season of Easter fill your heart with renewed hope, love, and peace.

    The fantastic signs of springtime bring the true spirit of Easter. Enjoy this happy time of cheerfulness and hope. Have a great Easter.

    Wish you a blessed Easter, honey! May the light of God shine on your way always and His wisdom helps you in your way!

    Happy Easter Sunday to you, Mom and Dad! Your love and support are the best of all the gifts I have this Easter.

    Easter is the time to remember the sacrifice made by Lord Christ and his unconditional love. Let us follow the right path shown by the Son of God. Happy Easter.

    You filled my life with every good thing in the world, and my heart loves you so much that I can sacrifice everything for you. Happy Easter, love.

    Easter holiday is beautiful because it lets me spend more time with the folks I love most, you. Happy Easter holiday to you and your family.

    ending my heartiest wishes on the holy Easter morning. May this Easter makes all your dreams come true and brings a lot of love, happiness, and health to your family!

    May the lesson of Easter lighten your heart and the blessings of the Lord are bestowed in your life always! Happy Easter Holiday.

    Sending wishes for a happy Easter weekend. May God bless you and your family with unwavering faith and happiness on this year Easter!

    Spread the joy and warmth in your hearts to everyone this Easter. Hope this Easter brings promotion and success to your life. Wishing you a very happy and blessed Easter.
March 16, 2021 |
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