SCM is a complicated process that includes such components as planning, sourcing, making, delivering, and returning. All these stages must be streamlined and controlled.

The 3PL logistics market is steadily growing, and it is critical for both shippers and 3PL service providers to ensure a convenient means of data exchange. Among all possible methods (EDI, e-AWB, and API), using an API is the best option for effective SCM. It guarantees the instant exchange of messages and real-time access to data.

If you are interested in implementing API into your operations, just contact Innovecs here and we will do our best to facilitate your 3PL project.

February 22, 2021 |

Lenen, welk bedrag past bij mij?

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Een lening afsluiten is een van de eenvoudigste manieren om relatief snel aan geld te komen. Wil je graag jouw droomreis maken? Eindelijk die mooie auto kopen waar je al jaren over droomt of jouw woning verbouwen om die droomkeuken erin te krijgen? Dan is een persoonlijke lening een goede oplossing om dit sneller te realiseren. Hierdoor heb je niet in één keer veel geld nodig, maar kun je het in termijnen terugbetalen. Het is natuurlijk wel van belang dat je de lasten van de termijnen kunt terugbetalen. Daarom stel je altijd de belangrijke vraag: hoeveel kan ik lenen?

De maandelijkse lasten

Hoeveel je kunt lenen hangt af van je maandelijkse uitgaven. Om te leven geef je namelijk veel geld uit. Zo geef je maandelijks geld uit aan je huis, auto, kleren, eten, verzorging, ontspanning, hypotheek en nog veel meer zaken. Zet daarom voor een paar maanden jouw uitgaven op een rijtje. Hierdoor krijg je goed in beeld hoeveel saldo je per maand overhoudt. Aan de hand van dit saldo kun je bedenken wat een reëel bedrag is om te lenen.

Kosten van leningen

Elke situatie is anders, maar op het gebied van uitgaven zijn er een aantal vuistregels die je kunt hanteren. Zo kun je ervanuit gaan dat bij het gemiddelde gezin, er een derde wordt uitgegeven aan dagelijkse kleine aankopen, een derde voor terugkerende vaste kosten en een derde voor lening en spaargeld. Met deze regel is het mogelijk om een lening af te sluiten en toch comfortabel te kunnen leven.


De aflossing van een lening wordt in termijnen gedaan. Hoeveel dit per maand is zal liggen aan het maandelijkse bedrag van de lening. Als je beslist hebt over hoeveel geld je wilt gaan lenen, heb je de keuze uit verschillende aflos termijnen. Hoe sneller je aflost, hoe hoger de maandelijks kosten, maar dus ook hoe sneller je er vanaf bent. Doorgaans verschillen de aflosperiodes tussen de 18 en 84 maanden.


February 17, 2021 |

Waarom goede sportverlichting noodzakelijk is

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Sportverlichting is van cruciaal belang als je een bepaalde sport uitoefent in bijvoorbeeld een sporthal. Als je hier geen goede verlichting hebt, zul je niet optimaal kunnen presteren en kan het slecht zijn voor je ogen. Om deze reden is het gebruikelijk om goede sportverlichting aan te schaffen. Maar wat zijn de voordelen van sportverlichting nou eigenlijk?

De voordelen van verlichting in sporthallen

Als je hebt besloten om goede verlichting aan te schaffen in sporthallen, dan zijn er tal van voordelen te bedenken. Wist je bijvoorbeeld dat het gebruiken van goede sportverlichting zorgt voor een gemiddelde energiebesparing in combinatie met een CO2 reductie van 65%? Vanuit maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen is dit natuurlijk erg prettig, maar natuurlijk zijn er ook nog voordelen voor jezelf.

Als je namelijk besluit om verlichting aan te schaffen die speciaal hiervoor is gemaakt zul je merken dat er minimale onderhoudskosten gemaakt worden. De levensduur van deze verlichting zit ongeveer op 100.000 uur.

Is het financieel wel interessant om sportverlichting aan te schaffen?

Jazeker, het aanschaffen van verlichting die speciaal ontwikkeld is voor de sportindustrie is enorm goed. Je zult merken dat je op maandelijkse basis minder stroom zult verbruiken. Naast het verminderen van stroomgebruik zul je ook merken dat de zalen meer licht krijgen. Door het reduceren van de maandelijkse kosten in combinatie met de eenmalige aanschafwaarde ligt de terugverdientijd van deze verlichting tussen de 1 en 3 jaar. Kortom, het is zeker de moeite waard!

February 15, 2021 |

Acquire the proper vegetable washing machine

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If you are working with fresh food products, such as fruits and vegetables, than it is truly important that you make no losses when it comes to the quality. Of course, you need to wash vegetables for hygienic reasons, but when you do this the wrong way, you might damage the consistency and the overall quality of the product. Think for example about a vegetable washing machine that is ideal for the purposes of your company. At Allround VP, they have various pieces of equipment that you can order to implement into your own facilities. Due to the variety of machinery, anyone can find an apparatus that will boost their production levels and perhaps enhance the quality of the end product. Discover the possibilities!

The different options

When you go to Allround VP for a vegetable washing machine, you get various options to choose from. If your product has very high hygienic standards, then it is interesting to look at a stainless steel machine to work with. It also occurs that some sticky soil might be hard to remove from the product. In this case a pintle rubber in the drum will evoke more agitation of the produce. For an even more clean result, there is also the possibility of installing a brush in the drum. Especially when working with heavier soil, you can effectively add this brush to your vegetable wash line. This and many more options are customizable to your specific tool to make it the optimal vegetable washing machine for your produce.

Use this incredible service

At Allround VP, you are able to enhance your production system by counting on a bespoke vegetable washing machine. Their employees will be happy to help you search for the ideal machine that fits within your facilities. Contact them to get the process started and discover the various ways in which you can improve the conditions at your company and increase your revenue.
February 1, 2021 |

A bespoke gangway system for your company

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A gangway is the ideal piece of equipment to work safely in various industrial settings. These gangways are therefore often used in offshore, oil & gas and petrochemical companies. But of course there is no all-in-one solution for this. You have to look at the variety of options that are available to order. At Gangway Solutions, they have various options, which means that you can order the ideal system here. All their installations are explosion proof and built according to national, European and American standards. Various modifications can be made and you can decide how to operate these technological applications. By providing this service, you can be sure that the ideal gangway for your company can be found here.

Everything you need can be provided

At Gangway Solutions, they find it important to get to know your working conditions before trying to think about the ideal solution. In which industry are you active? What would you like to use the gangway for? When they have the answers to these questions, they start thinking about what will work best. Think of different modifications such as lights that give a better visibility during any time of the day or a covered walkway, making sure that your employees are always working safely. One of the main concerns is the controls. Here you can choose for either manual or electric controls, depending upon the working conditions of your company. When all this information is provided, you can expect the perfect gangway for your production.

Go for the guaranteed safety and quality this company provides

You cannot find a more experienced provider of gangways than Gangway Solutions. That is why you should definitely get in touch with their employees and ask about the possibilities of a bespoke solution. You should go for nothing less than excellence for your own company!

January 22, 2021 |

Why Your LG Front Loading Washing Smells and How to Clean It

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A smelly washing machine can make any clean clothes smell dirty again. How do I get my front load washer to stop smelling? You can eliminate the odour by wiping the gasket and cleaning the washing basin with baking soda and vinegar or a commercial cleaner. Here you can learn why your LG washer smells bad and how to clean it properly.

LG Front Loading Washer Smells? Here is How to Stop the Odour
​There are specific cleaning methods that can remove any odour from your washing machine but before we can dive into this, you must understand why your washing machine smells bad in the first place.

Why Does My Front Load Washing Machine Smell Bad?​ 
Front load washing machines use less water than top loading washing machines, making them more efficient. Less water does mean that there is less usage that can leave behind dirt and grime from your clothing which leads a lingering smell in the washing tub. If you are not using a HE detergent or are using too much laundry soap, you can be leaving behind sudsy residue in the rubber gasket and the tub. Without properly using your washing machine or cleaning, you are allowing the perfect breeding ground to take place for the leftover dirt to breed into mold and mildew.

Now that you understand why your washing machine smells, we can explain the proper ways to clean it to eliminate the odour.

How to Clean a Washer Gasket

The rubber gasket is what provides the tight seal between the tub and the door. This prevents any leaks and can begin building up with grim and dirt.
Here is how you can properly clean an LG front load washer gasket:

  • Open the door and peel back the rubber gasket so that the interior is exposed.
  • Remove any visible objects such as coins, hair, or bobby pins.
  • If you smell mold in your washing machine, you may notice black spots on the gasket. Spray these spots with a mildew cleaner or hot soapy water and wipe clean.
  • If the mold will not come off, use a toothbrush to scrub these spots.

How to Clean LG Washer Tub 
The washing basin can also provide an environment for mold and mildew to breed from leftover dirt and detergent. Most LG washing machines have a setting called Tub Clean that can be used with a commercial cleaner to remove odor. Check your user manual to determine how to properly use this cycle.
If your washer does not have a Tub Clean setting:

  • Add 1/3 cup of baking soda to your empty washer drum
  • Pour 2 cups of vinegar into the detergent dispenser
  • On hot water, run a regular wash cycle
  • If you are experiencing an extreme odour, replace the vinegar with 2 cups of bleach. To ensure all the bleach is removed from the washer, run an extra hot rinse cycle after the wash is completed.

If you are experiencing any problems with your LG washing machine, call our technicians to service your washing machine repair.
January 13, 2021 |

Simple Woodworking Projects For Children

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Simple woodworking projects for children can be a source of satisfaction for parents and children. Many woodworkers tend to downplay the importance of wood as a learning tool. I tend to think that a child who is given an idea that they can take that same idea and modify it in a way that is more pleasing to the child, is more likely to think that they are creative than a child who simply sees a piece of wood. The truth is that woodworking with children, like any other learning venture, requires both listening and explanation. This article will help you explain to your children the benefits of simple wood projects.


Simple wood projects for children: free online tools, Woodworking projects with children, simple wood projects for children provide the basis on which all simple woodwork projects should be built. Simple woodcraft projects, especially those that concentrate on hand/heart/eye coordination, teach kids about how different parts of the hands interact with each other. Simple wood projects also teach kids about how they envision things to look like when they finish the project. Simple wood projects also demonstrate to kids how they should value and take care of simple wood projects as they get older.


Woodworking is one of the most rewarding lifelong hobbies that a person can undertake. Woodworking provides a sense of accomplishment, as well as a chance to use your imagination and creativity. Woodworkers can build tables, chairs, storage containers, dollhouses, and more. You only need a few basic tools to get started in woodworking crafts.


Many people think that the only place for young people to learn simple woodworking projects is in the classroom. However, there are many places where kids can learn woodworking, from books to online courses to home workshops. The internet provides access to courses that kids can sign up for, where they can learn simple wood projects in a fun way. When a child takes a course on wood projects from the internet, he or she will learn how to plan, shop for supplies, choose a project, and complete the project. After completing the class, kids will know how to read instructions, follow diagrams, sketch their work, and finish the project.


If you want to get started in woodworking, your best bet is to find a local program at your local community center or school. Most community centers offer beginner classes in basic skills. This is a great place to get started if you don’t know what kind of woodworking projects you’d like to try. Also, you can learn more about woodworking by asking your local schools for more information about basic woodworking programs. Sometimes, they will have kids who want to take part in something special like a woodworking project.


Children’s basic wood projects should include items such as simple furniture, birdhouses, simple dollhouses, or even a simple wood craft project to build cars and trains. You will also need to have some basic tools on hand, such as small hand saws, chisels, hand drills, or screwdrivers. Many kids like building things with cardboard blocks. You can make simple wood projects out of cardboard blocks by using a child sized sander. Cardboard blocks are also very easy to transport.


Once your kids finish the basic skills training course, you can introduce them to some more challenging projects. One of the easiest woodworking projects is to make bird houses. Kids love to build bird houses and you can guarantee that your kid will be happy with their finished product. There are plenty of ways to learn about woodworking projects and all it takes is time, patience, and a little bit of ingenuity.


Your kids will love simple woodworking projects for children. With their enthusiasm and love of learning, they will enjoy this learning experience as much as you do. Building things is what they have in mind. Children should be given a chance to be creative, and it will benefit their future lives. Take the time to help your child discover their potential. Together, you will create something wonderful.
January 11, 2021 |

This specialist can provide you with industrial bakery equipment

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When you are working in the food processing industry, you need the right equipment for you production. Whether you making bread, puff pastry, pie, croissants or pizza: at Rademaker they for sure have the right solution for you. This specialist can help you with industrial bakery equipment that exactly fits your company. They offer tailor-made solutions according your needs and wishes. Curious about the bakery systems they deliver? Read on and you will discover.

Food processing equipment and (customized) industrial bakery systems

Rademaker has been in the bakery industry for over 40 years now. Therefore they are a true specialist in the field. They are always looking to improve their equipment and they own a test center where they continuously testing new innovations to improve the bakery equipment. The bakery lines and systems they have available are from high-quality stainless steel and food graded materials. The experienced and skilled craftsman at their factories assemble the production machines carefully before they ship them. The industrial bakery equipment they have to offer, are provided to the food processing industry. They have several production lines and turn-key solutions available. Think about the pastry make-up line, pie production equipment, pizza base and topping line, croissant making machines, the donut line or a puff pastry production line. Thanks to the flexible design of the equipment and production lines, it always combines high quality with an optimal capacity, quick product changeovers and superb hygienic characteristics.

Ask advice about the equipment

Rademaker is a worldwide supplier of food processing equipment and (customized) industrial bakery systems. Do you have any questions about the industrial bakery equipment or would you like to know more about it? Get in touch with one of their sales representatives. They are also happy to provide you with advice or inform you about the product that are best for your company.

January 7, 2021 |

Enjoy healthy water because of this ultrapure water system

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Everyone should have access to clean and drinkable water. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Luckily, Iontech® came with a solution: an ultrapure water system. This expert is a high-tech enterprise that is specialized in the development and production of (C)EDI products. With more than twenty years of experience, this professional has been supporting the OEM market with design and different systems, such as the ultrapure water system. The employees have a great product knowledge that enables them to guarantee and offer you qualitative high-end water solutions.

An environment friendly alternative

The ultrapure water system, which is used in different industries such as the power, pharmaceutical and food industry, turns the production of purified water into a continuous process. The system operates continuously and that way, the quality of the water is consistent with no chemicals. The ultrapure water system of this specialist is a very durable, efficient and environment friendly alternative to other and more traditional systems. But how does this ultrapure water system work? The system deionises water by using electricity, resin and ion exchange membranes. The dissolved ions are separated from the water. That way, no unwanted elements are left in the water. Only a little power is needed to keep this water system going optimally. With this system, you can efficiently produce purified water.

What does this expert have to offer?

Iontech® can offer you various things, such as:

  • Iontech ED and Ionpure LX series repair service
  • DC Power Supplies and controllers for (C)EDI
  • Complete systems

Get in touch and ask for solutions

Are you interested in an ultrapure water system from this professional? Then do not hesitate and get in touch with the employees of this company. They are happy to give you advice about their water system, and you can ask them for tailor-made solutions that are perfect for your specific industry. This specialist meets your expectations at all levels.
January 7, 2021 |

Why Mutual Fund Software is Primary Need for Businesses?

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The platform minimizes the effort of the advisors and allows multiple facilities within one platform facilitating the advisors to deliver services to the investors. The Mutual Fund Software boosts the activities of the firm. For more information, visit @-

RED Vision is a vertically integrated IT company that like any spirited business entity runs on Ideas, emotions, grit and enterprise. What is more to it, we encompasses something that goes beyond information technology. This means that when it comes to providing a solution, we design it in the earnest sense. A 360 degree thought and seamless execution gives birth to a perfect communication design. In this world where incessant change is the buzzword, we strive hard to be proactive. This reflects in the rewards that our clients reap.
January 4, 2021 |
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