Health insurance in the Netherlands

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Are you coming to the Netherlands to work here as a foreigner? Then, you need to have health insurance in the Netherlands. At HollandZorg you get the best insurance for foreign workers, as you can come and go as you please: you can stop and activate your insurance during the year. With other insurance companies, you have to take out insurance from January to December.

Insured through your employer

Most of our customers are insured through their employers. This means your employer takes out the Netherlands health insurance for you. He can also apply for ‘zorgtoeslag’. This is an allowance from our government to help you pay for you health insurance. In an online portal, your employer can see all the people that are insured through him. He can also download all sorts of forms you might need during your stay in the Netherlands.

Take out insurance yourself

If you want to take out health insurance yourself, you can also choose our insurance. You need to register as a resident of the Netherlands first. You can do this in the Dutch municipality where you live. You will get a citizen service number (BSN) after you registration. With that, you can apply for health insurance in the Netherlands. If you choose to be registered as a non-resident, then you will need a statement from your employer as well.
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