The different types of soulmates

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Most people refer to a soulmate when they are talking about their ideal life partner. They think a soulmate can just be found romantically. This isn’t true. A soulmate exists in a lot of different ways. Even people who you have never met before can be your soulmate. Different soulmates all bring something extra to your life. They have the purpose to teach you something in life, at this moment or later on. But what are the different types of soulmates?


The friendly soulmate

You should consider yourself lucky when you meet a friendly soulmate. This is that friend with whom you immediately felt comfortable. Whatever you do, this friend will always be there for you. This is also the friend who immediately notices when something’s up with you, without you having to say a word.


The temporary but stormy soulmate

This is generally your first romantic soulmate. With this soulmate, you have the feeling that you will stay together forever. However, things are a little more difficult than previously thought and a painful breakup will occur between you. Although this can hurt at that moment, you will learn a lot from this breakup and you will be able to develop yourself further. A temporary, but important soulmate.


The famous soulmate

Are you in a strange place but do you feel like you have seen someone before? Sometimes it happens that we recognize people immediately, even though we have never seen them before. Do you immediately feel a connection with this stranger, without having exchanged even a word? It may be that you will never see this person again, but at that moment the connection was real.


The romantic soulmate

Sometimes you meet this person at a time when it may not fit into your life at all. Yet, you will always be attracted to this person. The connection is too forceful. You learn a lot from each other and the spark between you is very strong. Although a romantic soulmate is your soulmate on a romantic level, this does not mean that this relationship will be easy and not have any problems. Even if you don’t make it in a relationship, you will always be friends.


Twin flame

When you look each other in the eyes you know it immediately. This is the soulmate with whom you immediately have recognition, the soulmate with whom that connection and spark are immediately present; they are a combination of all the different soulmates together. Not everyone will meet his twin flame soulmate, but if you find this soulmate then that is certainly special.


Are you curious if you have already found your soulmate? Try a soulmate reading and find out. Are you curious to know whether you and your soulmate are a good match on a romantic level? Try a free astrology compatibility report!


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Buy Trendy Realme 7 Back Covers In Cool Prints

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If you have Realme 7 or you are planning to get one then you most probably looking for the best type of Realme 7 back cover. Yes, unlike the old days, today we all understand the importance of the Realme 7 back cover. It is the must-have and essential smartphone accessory that every buyer should own. Buy Realme 7 cover online with cool and funky prints. Whether you want to protect your phone from scratches or damages or you want to make your phone more stylish, all you need is a Realme 7 mobile cover. Yes, you read it right, despite various options in covers and cases, if we talk about the most popular and trendy type then without a doubt it would be printed Realme 7 back cover.

Funky Realme 7 covers are an ideal smartphone case as it is stylish, compatible, and protective. These types of Realme 7 phone cases come with the classic combination of “style” and “protection”. There are so many options in the material of the Realme 7 cover but polycarbonate is the best one. It is a hard case plastic that provides the best protection to the phone from all kinds of external damages and scratches, isn’t that great? Also, Realme 7 covers are best to give a rough and tough look to the phone. They are quite long-lasting, budget-friendly, and Available in different colors and designs.

 You will find more and more options and varieties when you buy funky Realme 7 Back cover from online stores. Yes, the internet is flooded with the designer slim Realme 7 cases. So if you want to give a new look to your phone then visit online stores for a vast range of Realme 7 covers and cases. Not just that, you can even create an awesome back cover design as well. Also, Realme 7 is designed to fit the phone properly and 100% compatible with every device. Yes, they fit correctly on the phone, stick to the body, and yet comes with a smooth or glossy matte finish.

Summary- The article comprises information about buying a trendy Realme 7 mobile cover. The online shop offers creative and trendy prints in the Realme 7 back cover.

Conclusion-The printed and designer Realme 7 cover is the best and ideal one. Now make your phone more stylish with the latest Realme 7 cover design.

Author’s bio – The author of this article has a keen interest in mobile cover and its designs. This conclusion comes with a thorough research for a better understanding of the readers and who wish to pursue a new fashionable lifestyle with mobile accessories.
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Madden NFL 21: The Game Launches Soon. What To Expect?

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The fans of American football wait for the new game of the Madden franchise every year. In fact, Madden NFL is almost the only serious American football game series. Madden NFL 21 launches on August 25 with the MVP edition. The base game will be available on August 28. The cover athlete for the game will be Lamar Jackson. The Baltimore Ravens quarterback is the reigning MVP of the National Football League. Electronic Arts has announced new features for the next opus of their franchise.

The frostbite engine will with no surprise power the graphics of the game. EA will use the Frostbite 3 version in order to get next-gen worthy graphics. The game will indeed launch on current generation and next-gen consoles as well as on PC. Like FIFA 21, the players will benefit of the dual entitlement system. Buying the game on a current generation console will allow you to play it on the next-gen version of that console.

In terms of gameplay, the Skill Still system will be at the core of offense and defense in the game. Electronic arts teases more offensive and defensive move combos. Regarding offense, there will be new evasive moves and a new ball-carrier system for more creative attacks. The defense will have a better AI management system and several new tackling options. The game promises to be smarter and more dynamic.

The game modes will know various changes. The Face of the Franchise: Rise To Fame is the new career mode. It is, according to Electronic arts, a “new playable documentary career mode offers all-out levels of the agency and depth throughout your journey to the Hall of Fame.”. The Madden Ultimate Team or MUT will of course make a comeback. Live Playbooks 2.0 will upload real-life teams’ playbooks and plays in the game.

One of the most interesting features that EA has announced is the return of the Superstar X-Factor. These are offense and defense abilities reserved for the best players of the league. Specific players can trigger each ability under specific conditions. When the players enter “in the zone”, they become near unstoppable forces. The fans have so far acclaimed these features. They will make Madden NFL 21 more than a “Madden 20 1.5” if correctly implemented. You can buy MUT coins at the best prices on MUTeamGo to build your ultimate team.
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PrestaShop Mobile App Development

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Build a native Mobile App for your PrestaShop Store in 3 steps | KnowBand

Having a PrestaShop Mobile App is one of the strides to boost the growth of your online store. But, developing an eCommerce Mobile App which work efficiently on Android & iOS devices isn’t that easy. You need to hire a professional developer in order to get the job done.

KnowBand, a leading eCommerce Mobile App Builder has brought a readymade solution for PrestaShop web-store. This PrestaShop Mobile App Builder provides a pair of native Android & iOS apps for your online website & let your users easily make the purchase. It is a complete no-code PrestaShop Mobile App solution which handles all the programming burden for you.

The PrestaShop Mobile App development is just a matter of 3 simple steps with KnowBand. Let’s take a look at them:

Step 1: Purchase PrestaShop Mobile App Maker module & install it on your website.
Step 2: Share your app specifications & requirements through the form shared by us.
Step 3: Get developed APK/IPA file & publish the same on respective app stores.

Major features of PrestaShop Mobile App:

1. Flexible Home Screen: The PrestaShop Mobile App home screen is fully flexible & have various attributes like sliders/banners/products for designing. You can craft & pre-save the layout on your own & use them as per various theme & festivals.

2. Store Branding: The Mobile App Maker for PrestaShop offers the option to display the store logo on the header of mobile app.

3. Tablet & Mobile Support: The mobile apps with PrestaShop Mobile App Creator are fully native & work flawlessly on multi-screen sized Android & iOS devices.

4. Automatic Inventory Update: The web-store & apps are in 100% sync with each other. This updates all the website changes automatically on the mobile app.

5. Instant App Login: The PrestaShop Mobile App Creator offers quick & easy login options with Google, Facebook, OTP & Fingerprint.

6. 24*7 Chat Service: The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker offers direct seller-buyer chat options with Zopim & WhatsApp. The users can get their issues resolved then & there.

7. All Product Type Support: Various sorts of products like single, bundled, grouped, configurable & virtual ones are supported on the PrestaShop Mobile Apps.

8. Easy Mobile App Payments: The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker supports all sorts of website payment methods on the app as well. You can even add other native payment options like Brain tree, Stripe etc. over a small fee.

9. Multi-lingual & RTL Support: All sorts of languages & RTL scripts (Arabic, Hebrew etc.) are supported on the PrestaShop Mobile Apps. This brings the people from different ethnicity towards your store.

10. Easy App Navigation: The PrestaShop Mobile App Creator offers easy app navigation with multiple filtering & sorting options. This ease the product search for mobile app visitors.

11. Coupons & Vouchers Support: All sorts of coupons & vouchers support makes it easier for the store owner to offer the website coupons on the mobile app.

12. Simplified Checkout: The PrestaShop Mobile Apps offers a simplified checkout screen in mobile app & makes it easier to create order with Mobile App.

13. Real-time Order Tracking: The PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App Creator offers a real-time order tracking feature in mobile apps & let the app users know the previous order delivery detail without any hassle.

14. Unlimited Push Notifications: The PrestaShop Mobile App Creator offers unlimited push notifications in the app & promote their store deals & offers with the app users.

15. Gamified E-mail Subscription Pop-Up: The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker offers a gamified e-mail subscription pop-up on the apps. But, this functionality requires you to install KnowBand’s PrestaShop Spin & Win module on your store.

16. Advanced Marketplace: The PrestaShop Mobile Apps are fully compatible with Multi-vendor Marketplace. All the marketplace products can be easily brought to these apps only along with your store. You need not develop another app for marketplace.

17. Simplified Product & Category Screen: The PrestaShop Mobile App Creator offers a crystal clear product & category screen with proper description. This make the user aware about what is he going to purchase.

18. Wishlist functionality: The PrestaShop Mobile App Creator offers inbuilt wishlist functionality & allow the shoppers to bookmark products for future purchase.

19. Rich Color Options: The eCommerce mobile apps with PrestaShop Mobile App Creator have various rich color & font options to choose from. You get to choose theme color, background color, button color etc. for your app.

So, if you are a PrestaShop eCommerce store owners & looking forward to develop a pair of native mobile apps, KnowBand’s mobile app solution is the perfect option for you. Feel free to contact us at or visit our store. 

Get more details with following links: 

PrestaShop Mobile App Creator User Manual

PrestaShop Mobile App Maker Admin Demo

PrestaShop Android App Front Demo

PrestaShop iOS App Front Demo
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