A bespoke gangway system for your company

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A gangway is the ideal piece of equipment to work safely in various industrial settings. These gangways are therefore often used in offshore, oil & gas and petrochemical companies. But of course there is no all-in-one solution for this. You have to look at the variety of options that are available to order. At Gangway Solutions, they have various options, which means that you can order the ideal system here. All their installations are explosion proof and built according to national, European and American standards. Various modifications can be made and you can decide how to operate these technological applications. By providing this service, you can be sure that the ideal gangway for your company can be found here.

Everything you need can be provided

At Gangway Solutions, they find it important to get to know your working conditions before trying to think about the ideal solution. In which industry are you active? What would you like to use the gangway for? When they have the answers to these questions, they start thinking about what will work best. Think of different modifications such as lights that give a better visibility during any time of the day or a covered walkway, making sure that your employees are always working safely. One of the main concerns is the controls. Here you can choose for either manual or electric controls, depending upon the working conditions of your company. When all this information is provided, you can expect the perfect gangway for your production.

Go for the guaranteed safety and quality this company provides

You cannot find a more experienced provider of gangways than Gangway Solutions. That is why you should definitely get in touch with their employees and ask about the possibilities of a bespoke solution. You should go for nothing less than excellence for your own company!

January 22, 2021 |

Enjoy healthy water because of this ultrapure water system

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Everyone should have access to clean and drinkable water. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Luckily, Iontech® came with a solution: an ultrapure water system. This expert is a high-tech enterprise that is specialized in the development and production of (C)EDI products. With more than twenty years of experience, this professional has been supporting the OEM market with design and different systems, such as the ultrapure water system. The employees have a great product knowledge that enables them to guarantee and offer you qualitative high-end water solutions.

An environment friendly alternative

The ultrapure water system, which is used in different industries such as the power, pharmaceutical and food industry, turns the production of purified water into a continuous process. The system operates continuously and that way, the quality of the water is consistent with no chemicals. The ultrapure water system of this specialist is a very durable, efficient and environment friendly alternative to other and more traditional systems. But how does this ultrapure water system work? The system deionises water by using electricity, resin and ion exchange membranes. The dissolved ions are separated from the water. That way, no unwanted elements are left in the water. Only a little power is needed to keep this ultrapure water system going optimally. With this system, you can efficiently produce purified water.

What does this expert have to offer?

Iontech® can offer you various things, such as:

  • Iontech ED and Ionpure LX series repair service
  • DC Power Supplies and controllers for (C)EDI
  • Complete systems

Get in touch and ask for solutions

Are you interested in an ultrapure water system from this professional? Then do not hesitate and get in touch with the employees of this company. They are happy to give you advice about their ultrapure water system, and you can ask them for tailor-made solutions that are perfect for your specific industry. This specialist meets your expectations at all levels.
January 7, 2021 |

Collaborate with an experienced material handling equipment supplier

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Are you currently working on a big project or will you be working on one in the near future? And are you looking to get in touch with an experienced material handling equipment supplier? J-Tec could be the perfect partner to work with. Not only is the company well-known and has it gained a lot of experience over the years; they also own an in-house team of professional and qualified engineers. These professionals are ready to take on any challenge, no matter the subject or the complexity. J-Tec strives to build high-quality process solutions to make both companies and costumers thrive. If you decide to work with this company, you are ensured of receiving extended services as well as tailored support during each stage of the project. Your location doesn’t matter: J-Tec provides support from anywhere in the world. Are you interested in the services they offer? Get in touch to gain some more information.

Discover flexible and efficient management solutions  

Flexible and efficient project management is highly important during taking on a huge project. There needs to be structure and all aspects must be perfectly organised. As a material handling equipment supplier, J-Tec knows the exact ways in which processes need to be structured. They combine various procedures and engineering practices with clear, direct and straightforward communication channels. When you decide to collaborate with J-Tec, it is guaranteed that you will receive the best possible support and the most efficient management solutions. Not only does the company deliver complete turnkey installations and single process lines, but also they also design, build and maintains high-quality processing systems for pallets, liquids and powders; they mostly provide services to players in the international food and chemical industries.

Get in touch to learn more about the services

Are you interested to collaborate with an experienced material handling equipment supplier? And would you like to discover how J-Tec can deliver tailored solutions for your company? Get in touch with the professionals to gain some more information and learn about their services.

December 16, 2020 |

Zo verduurzaamt de scheepvaart

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Transport is overal, óók op zee. Deze vorm van transport is verantwoordelijk voor een groot gedeelte van de uitstoot van broeikasgassen. Zéker nu de scheepvaart enorm aan het uitbreiden is. Daarom zijn veel scheepvaartbedrijven nu bezig met het verduurzamen van de schepen. Maar wat zijn nu precies oplossingen waar we aan kunnen denken? Wij vertellen je er graag meer over. Lees dus vooral verder!



De scheepvaart is voor zo’n 2.5% verantwoordelijk voor de uitstoot van broeikasgassen. Dit komt doordat schepen zware olie gebruiken waar veel zwavel in zit. In tegenstelling tot normale olie dat voor auto’s wordt gebruikt, is deze goedkope olie veel vervuilender. Deze uitstoot zal veel kleiner moeten, om bij te kunnen dragen aan een beter milieu. Een goede oplossing om de broeikasgassen te reduceren is door middel van elektrisch varen.


Prestaties meten

Een goede manier om onder andere de uitstoot en het verbruik van schepen te meten, is door middel van performance monitoring. Dit is een programma waarmee de prestaties van schepen nauwkeurig kunnen worden gemeten. Zo kan gekeken worden naar wat schepen verbruiken en waar nog ruimte voor verbetering is. Dit programma kent verschillende parameters. Denk bijvoorbeeld aan locatie data, snelheid data, tochtgegevens, meteorologische gegevens en gegevens over de toestand van de zee. Al deze componenten kunnen dus handige inzichten geven in hoe de scheepvaart verduurzaamt kan worden.


Duurzame brandstof

Een goede manier om de uitstoot minder schadelijk te maken, is door de slechte olie te vervangen door duurzame brandstof. Hierbij kun je denken aan LNG. Dit is vloeibaar aardgas wat gebruikt kan worden voor diesel en bunkerolie in de scheepvaart. Er zijn al een aantal schepen die op deze brandstof varen en dit belooft goede resultaten! Vooral Nederland houdt zich hier veel mee bezig. Verder wordt deze oplossing ook steeds bekender bij andere landen in Europa. Met deze brandstof gaat de uitstoot maar liefst 50% tot 60% omlaag.



Zoals we inmiddels al beschreven, zijn schepen verantwoordelijk voor een groot deel van de CO2 uitstoot. Dit geldt ook voor het aanmeren aan wal. Het is namelijk zo dat schepen vaak hun energie laten draaien als ze eenmaal aangemeerd zijn. Dit komt doordat generatoren en andere voorzieningen aan boord elektriciteit nodig hebben. Dit is natuurlijk extra belastend voor het milieu. Dit kan verminderd worden door middel van walstroom. Dit is als het ware het gebruiken van stroom van het land. Zo kan het schip alsnog van stroom worden voorzien.

November 24, 2020 |

You can find the solution for your broken aircraft parts at this supplier

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If your aircraft has some broken parts, you most likely want to fix this as soon as possible. Otherwise your aircraft is grounded for a long time. If you are looking for a trustworthy supplier of aircraft parts for your aircraft, then GAPS AERO is your best partner. This aircraft parts supplier offers a wide variety of aircraft parts of great quality. This means that you can always find the parts your aircraft needs. Moreover, they offer you a repairing service where they can repair broken parts of your aircraft. This is a great solution that is not only cost-friendly, but also environmentally-friendly. That sounds good, right? If you are curious about what this aircraft parts supplier has to offer, read on.

Experience great service of this company

GAPS AERO offers you aircraft parts that meets the highest standards. This company strongly believes that only excellent quality can guarantee optimal safety. Therefore, the processes of this company are fully in line with the ISO 9001 standard. That is a comforting thought. The specialists of this company make sure that they can offer you great service anyway. This means that the staff is available for you even after business hours for every AOG need you have. Now that is dedication! Another great benefit of this company is that the location is situated nearby Schiphol Airport. If your aircraft is grounded at the airport, the staff can deliver your necessary parts very quickly. But if your aircraft is located elsewhere in the world, you are guaranteed that you receive your aircraft parts very fast as well, since this supplier can ship your parts easily and quickly by plane.

Contact the experts of this company now

Is GAPS AERO the aircraft parts supplier your looking for? Wait no longer and contact the company to make an arrangement. You can also ask for more information about the company. If you would like to speak to one of the experts, you can do so with the help of the contact information you can find on their website.
November 24, 2020 |

Buy your whey protein concentrates of high-quality at this specialist

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When you are looking for whey protein concentrates for your company or yourself, you want to be assured of the highest quality. This product can be used for various manufacturing processes. One of the companies that specializes in whey protein concentrates is Interfood. This company has years of experience and has used their experience to offer the best possible service to various companies that are interested in their product. Whey protein concentrates is a complete protein and is low in lactose content. Are you interested in the product of this specialist? Keep on reading and find out what this company can do for you.

Ensure your company of the highest quality

To ensure that they deliver the best quality, this company use their expertise and work together with external parties. This product is manufactured from several other products. Think of sweet cheese whey by ultra-filtration, evaporation and spray drying. Interfood ensures that they deliver good quality. For this they use the knowledge they have built up over the years. Besides whey protein concentrates they create even more different types of dairy proteins. These proteins can be used for various purposes. It is a functional ingredient for making cheese or yoghurt.

Get in touch with their experts

Are you interested in whey protein concentrates and would you like to know more about this product and the possibilities it offers? The specialists of this company are always ready to provide you with the necessary information about whey protein concentrates. You can also contact them if you have any questions. You can also find more information on the website of Interfood. The employees of this company also know everything about delivering the product in different countries. If you are interested in whey protein concentrates, this company is an excellent choice. Find out for yourself what they can do for you by contacting their experts.
November 18, 2020 |

Discover the benefits of refurbishment of spare parts

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Buying new parts for your machinery can be rather expensive. To prevent high costs you could think about reusing older materials that are still perfectly functionable. At mt unirepair you can count on an expert in the refurbishment of spare parts. As an independent company, they can repair and refurbish materials from any original manufacturer that no longer supports these specific parts. This means that you get a service which is cost-efficient and an easier method to repair products and machinery. Without compromising the quality of the product, you will experience a service that only offers you benefits.

Count on the specialists of this company

At mt unirepair, the refurbishment of spare parts is their specialty. Even if the entire process sounds to good to be true, you can truly expect a result that is satisfactory and meets every demand you might possibly have. Sometimes, it might be the case that the original manufacturer of your particular machine has stopped producing parts that can be applied during a repair job. By counting on the refurbishment of spare parts, you no longer need to worry about whether or not this is the case. By getting your machine in the best possible state by using the most cost-efficient materials, you will be happy that you turned to mt unirepair for your repairs.

Get in contact with the experts

Would you like to use the refurbishment of spare parts to fix your broken machinery? Then feel free to contact the people at mt unirepair and ask for the various possibilities. By providing them with the details of your specific situation, they can get to work instantly. This means that the solution to your problem will come fast and that the refurbishment of spare parts is done expertly and according to your specific demands. The possibilities are truly endless!
October 22, 2020 |

Bottle Up alternative to plastic bottles

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One million single-use PET bottles are sold every minute worldwide. Even though these bottles are recyclable, very few make it into a new bottle. Instead 60% of these bottles end up in landfill or worse, our rivers and oceans.


The alternative to plastic bottles

How can we solve this problem? Quite simply, by reducing the number of single-use bottles being consumed. The easiest and most eco-friendly solution on the go, is to refill a reusable bottle from a drinking water station. A perfect alternative to plastic bottles.


Tap water is often very safe to drink and more and more filling stations are being installed in major cities around the world to ensure water is easily accessible.


There are different ways of producing reusable water bottles, for example using fossil-based plastic, glass or aluminium. Fortunately, there are also other more sustainable options available at an affordable price.

Sugar cane & local water

Bottle Up bottles are made from Sugar Cane, a bio-based and renewable source. The raw material is produced from pressing the sugar cane plant, while the traditional plastic bottles use fossil sourced raw materials like oil and gas


To make the production process as efficient as possible, Bottle Up look for water and bottling partners who are located as near to each together as possible.


As Bottle Up expands to more locations across Europe, they will make sure to replicate the same production process in each country: local partners working close together to reduce transport costs and the impact on the environment. 


Bottle Up reusable water bottles

Bottle Up offer a 500ml reusable bottle, a great size for on the go drinking. As they are made from bio-based material and reusable, the bottles are more environmentally friendly than single-use plastic bottles. The bottles are easy to wash, safe to refill and 100% suitable for recycling.


As Bottle Up aim to target on-the-go consumers who are mostly active in large cities, they have designed beautiful bottles with city designs. These bottles have a unique font and colour, designed and chosen especially for specific cities in mind. Besides the city bottles they offer a more generic bottle with a WATER design in four colours.


Water projects

The sales of Bottle Up support water projects set up by charity: water and environment awareness programs in Sri Lanka. This way reusable water bottles will not only help the environment, but also ensure that everyone in the world can enjoy safe and clean drinking water.


October 21, 2020 |

Social Distancing Screens For Events & Exhibitions

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Social distancing screens have been welcomed across the UK, into all sectors to make each environment safer. Whilst offices, gyms, restaurants, and other confined spaces have adapted to the screening available – when will exhibitions resume and what safety measures will be in place?

With no confirmed dates for exhibitions and events to go ahead, we can’t advise there but we can suggest some screening options available and how they’ll be able to securely divide your stand space.

Printed exhibition stands and accessories will still be required to draw in a crowd, but your aim is to re-create the norm and produce a comfortable environment. With a wide selection of screens available, your social distancing spaces will be modern and safe.

Acrylic Screens

The acrylic solution has been a popular choice by far. Mainly for the wipeable surface, but also for the transparency you’ll receive with a clear acrylic finish. By using clear acrylic, your space can be seen without obstructing the view of any area.

Clear acrylic will divide the space, allow visitors to see into your stand and make it easy to see others and adhere to the social distancing rules.

Laminate Screens

White gloss laminate is generally selected for education and healthcare sectors but is incredibly versatile for any environment. Laminate is a solid surface and is the ideal solution to create socially distanced booths.

The white surface can offer privacy to create spacious rooms and can be used for making notes with a whiteboard finish. An easy clean surface is also at the top of our priority list – luckily, the gloss laminate ticks all of those boxes.

Printed Office Screens

Take your partitioning to the next step with the addition of custom print. The printed screen option is a 2 in 1, as it divides and continues the theme of your exhibition stand space. 

Use the double sided screens to add a custom design, so whilst visitors are waiting they’ll be able to learn more about your business and what you have to offer.

Ways to use the social distancing screens

Each stand space and size will determine how your exhibition stand will be organised. Here are some ideas below on how to utilise your screens;

–          Seating areas

–          Private meeting room

–          One way systems

–          Queuing system

–          As part of the display with printed panels
October 14, 2020 |

Handschoenen bedrukken

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Als de winter in aantocht is dan komen ook alle winterartikelen weer tevoorschijn. Van sjaals, handschoenen en mutsen, tot aan sledes, sneeuwschuivers, ijkrabbers en nog veel meer. Alles om het leven in de winter zo aangenaam en warm mogelijk te maken. Veel van deze artikelen zijn ook een mooi relatiegeschenk voor je klanten en relaties. Door in te spelen op het seizoen geef je direct een product cadeau dat op dat moment een hot item is en gebruikt zal gaan worden.

Maar waarom zijn handschoenen een mooi relatiegeschenk en wat kun je er mee?

Ten eerste is dit een origineel relatiegeschenk waar niet iedereen gelijk aan zal denken en dus onderscheid je je hiermee van je concurrenten die niet op dit idee zijn gekomen. Je kunt de handschoenen bedrukken met je eigen logo of merknaam. Zo blijf je in zicht als ze de handschoenen aanhebben. Daarnaast kun je de handschoenen combineren met een sjaal en/of muts, waardoor je een fraaie set cadeau geeft. Je kunt dus alle kanten op met een paar handschoenen.

Tegenwoordig hebben wij ook zogenaamde touch handschoenen (ook wel smartphone handschoenen) genoemd. Deze handschoenen hebben een speciaal laagje waardoor je met handschoenen aan toch een touchscreen kunt bedienen. Dus geen koude handen en toch in de kou je smartphone of tablet gebruiken. Handig toch!

De handschoenen die wij in ons assortiment hebben kunnen wij bedrukken of borduren met je eigen merknaam of logo. Op één handschoen of op beide handschoenen. In de meeste gevallen wordt er op de boord van de handschoen of op het midden van de rug bedrukt of geborduurd. Dit kan per model verschillen. We hebben gebreide handschoenen, handschoenen van fleece, wanten ( handschoenen waar geen vingers in zitten) en halve handschoenen ( a la  Madonna). Een groot aantal handschoenen zijn in meerdere maten te bestellen. Kinderhandschoenen, maat S/M en L/XL zijn bij veel modellen te verkrijgen.

Wilt u meer weten over de handschoenen, een sample ontvangen of weten wat er mogelijk is qua bedrukken en borduren van uw logo? Bel of mail met ons enthousiaste team van deskundige medewerkers, zij helpen u graag. Bel met 0546-433120 of mail via

October 1, 2020 |
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