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Railway tracks and the railway track construction process have not changed much over the last couple of decades. However, the technology to lay tracks has made many strides forward. Innovations have been made to lay ballastless tracks. These tracks are laid quickly, are very cost effective and do not need much maintenance. One company that made these innovative steps in the train track industry is Stabirail. This Belgian company has created a railway track construction process which will save you a lot of time, money and worries. Interested in how this all works? Make sure to read on to discover how these ballastless tracks are laid and what the advantages are.

The actual railway track construction process

The ballastless tracks are laid with a ground-breaking technique for milling concrete blocks. By using this method the tracks can be assembled directly on the concrete bed. It starts out with the concrete milling machine passing through. With millimeter accuracy, this technology will mill concrete beds operating on a 3D system. The machine is capable of working on parabolic transitional curves and transitional slopes. Next, the drilling train passes through. With a diamond tip drill it creates holes in the concrete bed to anchor the tracks in place. Lastly, the anchoring train is up to lay the slab tracks in place. Because a water-cooled diamond tip drill is used, the vibrations to the surrounding infrastructure are kept to a minimum and dust formation is ruled out!

The many advantages

The railway track construction process of laying ballastless tracks which Stabirail developed has many advantages. It’s perfect to use in tunnels, because of the shallow construction height. Next to that, these tracks have very low maintenance requirements. There are numerous examples of ballastless railway tracks where little or no maintenance has been carried out over the past 25 years. Are you interested in these advantages? Make sure to get in touch with Stabirail. They will happily assist you with any questions.

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