FIFA 21 Career Mode Finances Will Change Drastically

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One of the most important things for fans of the FIFA 21 Career Mode is the budget of the teams that can be managed, as the number of signings and the quality of the players that can be purchased during the first seasons depends on this.

Despite the fact that EA Sports has not released any official information, a leak has made public a modification that will completely change the finances of the game’s career mode, as it will give players the opportunity to make any team so rich like the almighties PSG and Manchester City.

As you know, regarding FIFA series, the budget assigned to each team always depended on their financial capacity in the real world, so the weakest teams of each league had much less money than the big ones, so it was more challenging to win all the competitions with a small team from a weak league.

However, the developers have made the decision to change this feature and make it a bit more generic.


Financial Takeover Completely Changed

In the previous installments, the amount of money that you could select in the Financial Takeover, just before starting the career, was around 50 million euros and even less depending on the selected team.

Now, according to the leak of @FIFACMContent on Twitter, players will be able to adjust their initial team budget to 500 million euros, about 10 times more than previously allowed.

For example, with this amount of money, a humble team like RC Deportivo la Coruña or Rio Ave from Portugal would have the financial capacity to buy stars like Kevin De Bruyne, Kylian Mbappé, Trent Alexander-Arnold and even Lionel Messi himself.

Optimistic fans of teams that are not so economically powerful will now have an easier task to fill their team with the greatest stars of the world, without having to resort to those old tricks that allow you to make transfers at zero cost and not completely destroy the club’s economy after a signing.

Although it is an option that is quite attractive when we talk about building a team, it is certainly a feature that takes away a large share of realism from the gaming experience, something that has been improved by EA Sports game after game.

Unlike FUT, a game mode in which you can buy FIFA Coins to acquire players, in career mode the only way to get money is by winning matches and international competitions so the team’s budget will be increased for the next season.

Now, just by moving the stick to the left you can inflate your team’s bank account and forget about any financial problem forever.

FIFA 21 will hit the stores on September 9, 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia. The FIFA 21 release date for next gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X hasn’t been confirmed yet. On the other hand, FIFA 21 coins will hit the FUTeamGo store in early October. Prepare for the upcoming discounts and deals.
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