Guest Checkout on eCommerce Stores Like Shoplazza: Pros & Cons

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The checkout procedure is one of the most crucial stages of the online shopping experience. After all, this is the stage at which the contract is finalized, and the sale is made.

During the shopping process, many online retailers take aspects such as the design of the checkout page into consideration. However, some ignore customer accounts and opt for guest checkout instead. This component is one of our recommended best practices for the eCommerce checkout process, and brands should consider it when creating their own checkout experiences.

Many eCommerce platforms like Shopify and Shoplazza provide options to let store owners choose whether or not to offer a guest checkout option.

The customer does not need to log into the business or create an account to purchase while using the Guest Checkout option. This indicates that brands do not store any information that customers enter while checking out.


Pros of Guest Checkout

Reduce Abandoned Carts

Customers are more likely to leave their shopping carts when they are required to create store accounts. Therefore, giving consumers the option to make purchases without having an account or going through the checkout process will help them complete their transactions more quickly.

Better First Impression

Allowing consumers to checkout as guests is crucial for first-time visitors. Users don’t trust internet firms with their data. Users may be more likely to convert if they don’t have to form accounts before buying. If they enjoy what you provide, they’ll sign up later.

Speeds up the Checkout Process

Using guest checkout, the business can ask customers simple questions. They do not need to create an account with you, provide any further personal information beyond what they already have, or spend the necessary time doing so. This convenience is even more helpful for customers who shop using mobile devices, which make up a significant portion of purchasers.


Cons of Guest Checkout

Using guest checkout may be a source of frustration for certain dropshipping stores. The absence of a customer account might result in the following:

Difficult to Handle Sales

More work is required when dealing with sales that are not going so well. If you run an e-commerce store, you should remember that the customer’s journey does not end after the purchase. If your staff deals with customer complaints or refunds, the guest checkout process could make these procedures take longer.

Minimal Customer Involvement

The guest checkout may cause minimal involvement with customers throughout the relationship. Although it may seem simpler to make sales, what you want in the long run is for your consumers to feel involved.

Less Customer Information

Customers who have never used the business before are more likely to value this perk than customers who have used it before. However, little information presents more difficulty for firms than for customers.

No Information for Marketing

The organization will be unable to personalize its outreach and marketing activities for the users in question. As is the case with all types of marketing, the more information your firm has, the better it can target its potential customers.


Conclusion: Is Guest Checkout Beneficial?

Even if you have regular clients, they might only need to purchase your products two or three times a year at most. This might not be enough to support consumer accounts, though.

Customers who do not often use your website might benefit from the Guest Checkout option. Some strategies are more effective than requiring clients to establish accounts if your goal is to increase the number of customers who shop with you often.

(Contributed by M.Zeeshan & Hermes Fang)
April 13, 2023 |

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