How to text anonymously

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Would you like to make fun of one of your friends or colleagues? Or do you finally want to declare love to that months-long crush, but you have no idea how? Nowadays you can not only call anonymously but also send an anonymous message to someone. Sending a message anonymously is completely safe. But how to text anonymously? Do not worry! This is explained step by step here.


Choose your name

Of course, an anonymous message is not anonymous when the person you want to reach can see who called them. It is therefore obvious that the first step is to come up with a good name (other than your own name) and a fictitious telephone number that will be used as the sender. There are many examples on various blogs if you have no inspiration for a good name.


Time of sending

Then you will compose the message you want to send. You can then decide for yourself when you want the message to reach the recipient. This can be immediately but also at a later time. That’s entirely up to you. Of course, you can also choose to call someone anonymously. You do this by putting #31# in front of the phone number when you dial it. For example, the recipient does not see a telephone number or name, but “anonymous” or “private number”.


Examples for anonymous messages

Santa and his elves are busy again loading his sleigh with all the presents. Send someone a nice anonymous message from Santa to get in the Christmas mood. Or on Valentine’s Day send the one you’ve had a crush on for a while a sweet message. It is also possible to send someone a message with whom you have not spoken for a while due to an argument that has gotten out of hand. This way you prevent that the person does not immediately see your telephone number or name, which guarantees your privacy.
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