How to Use Facebook Audience Insight Tool

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Facebook audience insight is a popular tool and can be effective if know how to use it properly. This tool gives the data of two major groups of people such as People who connect with your page and people who are using Facebook.

It gives you an idea about the behavior of users, and you can create your content as per the interest of the audience. The prime role of this tool is to allow you to enhance the strategy of your business to make most out of Facebook. And also outrank your competitors.


  • At first, you have to CHOOSE YOUR AUDIENCE, from the Facebook ads manager section. The moment you open the audience insight tool, you need to pick your audience. You can make changes later as well. You get three main options for the same:
  • Everyone on Facebook – this gives an overview of all the people using Facebook.
  • People connected to your page – this lets the user comprehend his existing audience.
  • A custom audience –To avail the benefits of this option, the user is compulsory to upload the list of email addresses of the audience. This tool essentially helps in a better understanding of demographics and people’s behavior and is consequently beneficial when the advertiser has a huge amount of data.

The user can target the audience based on the following parameters:

  • Location of the audience
  • Demographics
  • Gender
  • The interest of the audience
  • Device

All in all, the Facebook audience insight tool is the perfect companion to escalate business growth. For effective use of audience insight, you must know the relation between what you want to sell and who you want to sell. Knowing your audience makes it simple to achieve the set target. Additional make simpler the situation, this convenient tool from Facebook it free of cost, all you need to have a Facebook account.
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