Porosity measurement & bet analysis

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Knowledge about the porosity of materials is extremely important. The Delft Solids Solutions laboratory offers various techniques for porosity measurement. For example:

  • gas adsorption measurements (both physisorption and chemisorption),
  • mercury intrusion porosimetry,
  • helium pycnometry.

We use the latest techniques and devices. You can count on excellent research results, reliable and of high quality. An extensive measurement of pore volume is one of the possibilities. Not only an analysis of the porosity and size is possible, we also measure the chemical composition of numerous solid materials as well as liquid materials and gases.

Delft Solids Solutions in the Netherlands

Delft Solids Solutions has a modern laboratory that can be used for research, analysis and characterisation of powders, solids and droplets. Whether it concerns porosity measurement or bet analysis, we guarantee a fast turnaround time.

Our experience in the behaviour of compounds and particles, powders and porosity is extensive; for over 40 years. Our services are broad, think of:

  • Research into the properties of various materials,
  • developing new techniques, equipment and systems,
  • Innovative research into the development & optimisation of materials,
  • organising seminars and courses.

Various branches and sectors at home and abroad

Our services are international and broadly oriented. From chemical- to pharmaceutical companies, from the building materials industry to the food industry. We also collaborate with various institutes in the Netherlands and abroad.

All activities are carried out in close consultation with the client and correspond as closely as possible to the question or application of the product. An extensive report of the research with clear and complete background information is not lacking. We guarantee the results and quality according to the ISO 17025 guideline.

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