Purchase your cryogenic valves from a true specialist

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Cryogenic valves are needed to keep cryogenic gasses secure and safely contained. They are made to withstand temperatures that are well below 100⁰F. Safety and quality regulations are necessary in order to make sure that cryogenic valves are capable of withstanding these extremely cold temperatures. An expert in the area of these valves is Red Point. When you purchase your cryogenic valves from this company, you are ensured that they can be used in a safe manner. This provider guarantees that the valves meet the relevant criteria for safety and quality in your industry. Their cryogenic valves are designed in accordance to industrial standards like BS6364, MSS SP-134 and ISO28921-1.

Tailor-made solutions for your valve applications

The best valves for cryogenics are selected and tested on the basis of the cryogenic temperature range and other cold temperatures. Besides, they are not only necessary to withstand extremely cold temperatures, they must be fully capable of preventing leaks as well. The high-quality valves from Red Point guarantee a secure and well-functioning system. Here you can find a large variety of valves, including those for cryogenic applications. This company manufactures ball, check, gate, globe, double block and bleed and tailor-made valves. The size range of their valves is 1/2” up till 24” and they can be delivered in pressure classes 150-4500 lbs (PN6-PN400). Valves can be customized to meet your needs, so you are sure to find valves that fit the requirements of your valve applications.

Benefit from short delivery times

Are you interested in the valves from Red Point? Make use of their excellent service and ask for more information about their products and components. All valves are of European origin and supplied with extremely short delivery times. This way you are ensured that the replacement of a component does not take long. Contact their specialists if you need any advice about the application of their cryogenic valves.

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