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Max Bell, Customer Success Manager of Semalt, says that all of the links sent in emails from HubSpot have identity tracking parameters. These identity tracking parameters help us to get an idea of who is clicking and reading our articles. All of these parameters are unique and come in the form of hsenc and hsmi. HubSpot uses them to get adjusted in your Google Analytics. All this can get you good and reliable analytics reports, and you will be clear with whether you have gotten unique views on your posts or not.

Filtering traffic in Google Analytics

Most often, people don’t know how to filter traffic in Google Analytics. Let me here inform you that Google Analytics uses special tracking codes to know everything about your internal and external links. Through these links, you can get an idea of who is visiting your website and how users interact with your web pages. As internal traffic patterns are different from the external traffic patterns, you will have to check the updated analytics report every time you log in to your Google Analytics accounts. For example, if you have an entertainment or an e-commerce website, the internal traffic might contain stress testing links that are sent to you to check on the credibility of your site. You have to make sure that the number of hits your website receive are constant throughout. If you observe that your site is receiving a significant number of views today and their sources are unknown, then you should take serious measures and ensure that the hits are coming from actual places such as search engines or social media.

Creating IP filters

Most of the people don’t know that creating an intellectual property filter is very important.HubSpot Emails To prevent irrelevant traffic, you should always create internal traffic filters and disable or block the IP addresses you are unfamiliar with. For this, you should check the list of suspicious IPs in Google and block them in your network administrator section.

Make sure the filter works

Once you have followed the above steps, the next step is to ensure that your filters are working properly. For this, you should verify the authenticity and credibility of different types of filters and save the ones which you like the most. You can also use the Google tag assistant option or a relevant browser extension to find out how much traffic is arriving at your website. All this is only possible when your filters are working correctly, and their authenticity has been verified. The tag assistant recordings option can help you analyze your Google Analytics data; in case some hits come from the unknown IP addresses, it may block them on an immediate basis, ensuring that your website receives quality views and unique hits.

Limitations of filters

Filters can be destructive if you have not created them correctly or their changes have not done as per the Google policies. Filters require a day or two to get fully activated. So during this period, you should not do any search engine optimization and should not customize the pages. Once the filters are activated, you will see the URLs in Google Analytics, and they are likely to receive genuine views.

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