Three reasons why every PC gamer should have a PC gaming desk

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Gaming. The hobby of a lot of people. Some people only played some videogames when they grew up. Some people still play them occasionally when they grow older. And then there is also a large group of people that are fanatic gamers. Some will play on the console (PlayStation, Xbox) and others will play on the PC. But it’s a very popular way to pass time, that’s for sure.

And we understand that. Because when you play a videogame, you enter a different world. You lose track of time and get drawn into the story that’s unfolding on your screen. Or you just enjoy crushing your family, friends or colleagues with FIFA of course. But when you spend a lot of time gaming you will at some point also invest in a nice gaming setup. The first thing that then comes to mind is of course a good gaming PC that will have the best performance. Then, maybe a nice monitor that will give you the best experience in terms of graphics. And after that you might think about a good gaming keyboard, mouse, chair and/or headset. But what about your desk? A lot of gamers think it’s just a desk to put your stuff on so you can enjoy gaming. But we tend to disagree. We think a gaming desk is an important addition to your gaming setup, and here are the three reasons why.

Gaming desks are more ergonomic than normal desks

When you spend a lot of time gaming you start to think about ergonomics. Nowadays, also normal desks spend more time thinking about this as people spend more and more time behind their computers, also for work. But PC gaming desks are designed with this in mind. Most of them will have a curve in the table so you have enough support for your arms for example. And others are adjustable in terms of height so you can make sure your not staring downwards at your screen. This is very important in making sure you do not get any RSI problems.

Gaming desks look better than the average desk

Yes. This is important. Gaming is all about experience. And a nice gaming setup really adds to that experience. That’s why a lot of the gaming gear comes in vibrant colors and additional LED lightning. It’s about emerging yourself in a different world and a nice looking gaming desk will definitely add to that. So no more boring standard desks with a screen on it. We want to have the sleek, carbon look gaming desk with integrated LED lights that will look great with the rest of our gaming setup!

Gaming desks are designed with the gamer in mind

Maybe we already convinced you, but the last reason is definitely not the least: gaming desks are designed with the gamer in mind. And this is important. For example: PC gaming desks often have cable management that will reduce the amount of wires on your desk. Additionally the mouse mat is most of the time integrated and covers your whole table so that your mouse will have a good response everywhere. And if that’s not enough, most of the gaming desks come with additional features such as a cup holder or hook for you gaming headset. So that’s definitely a lot better than your average computer desk.

Convinced? Good. We wish you all the best in picking the right gaming desk!

March 19, 2021 |

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