Tips For Creating A Good Screenshot On Your Homepage

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The homepage of a website is possibly one of the most important to capture user attention. Some elements are necessary on this page to generate interest and trust in the user, particularly if you are a new company. Additionally, current best practices and strategies used by web and app developers should be taken into account. This includes considering touch devices and the various forms of interaction possible.

If the first screenshot of the homepage is not interesting enough for your users, it is unlikely that they will pay attention to what lies beyond. That is, they will not scroll down to learn more about the benefits of the product and other information that you provide. Therefore, we will give you some guidelines so that you can create an impressive first screenshot that captivates your visitors and can become customers.

Make use of eye-catching visual elements

To make a great impression from the first visit, you must make use of visual elements. An excellent option is to choose images, whether photographs or illustrations, that have the power to capture the attention of your visitors immediately. If you have the budget or the ability to create a great photographic composition, go for it! Otherwise, you can use image banks, but be sure to choose a photo that associates with your brand. Remember that you can modify the image you choose and apply various effects, as long as they identify with the brand, to make it unique.

Complement the image you select with a great phrase that manages to thrill your users. Or you can focus on an advertising phrase that highlights the advantages of your product or service. This is a common strategy on landing pages and a call to action button is usually placed. If you believe that this tactic can be effective for your site, you can use it. It is best to give your web and app projects to web and app developers.

Do not forget to make sure that the image you choose must adapt to all devices. Consider both computers and mobiles. You can also use a video as a background, a technique quite common with various brands.

Create a point of attention

It is important to establish a correct visual reading when designing. You can guide the look of your visitors through the visual hierarchy. There are several techniques to create it and the more elements you have in your design, the more complex it is to establish a visual reading. You must first understand the importance of each element of the composition and designate an order for each of them.

You want to capture the attention of your users with the first screenshot. For this, it is necessary to have an amazing image. You should take into account not only the design of the photograph you have chosen but also the general composition of the first screenshot with the title, call-to-action-buttons and any other element that you decide to add.

Write an advertising text

Like the images, the texts of the page are also important. It is not necessary that you give a detailed description of the company and the products you offer on the homepage, but you should give visitors a clue about the work that your company does. Often, these pages usually use simple and short sentences, but powerful to capture the attention of your visitors. Although it seems contradictory, creating such phrases can be a complicated task. A good starting point is to think about the objectives of the site and ask yourself why the users are on your site, as well as the actions you want them to perform once they are there. Remember to focus on the user and the possible benefits they can get if they decide to choose your company or product. Also, always assign your projects to top web and app development companies.

Establish what actions users can take

For a visitor to decide to stay to review your site, you must offer users certain actions that they can perform. Some of the most common on homepages are the following:

• See a sequence of images
• Share content on social networks
• Fill out a registration form
• Watch a video
• Browse an online product catalog

Don’t forget about branding

Once you have a great photograph and a good advertising title for the first screenshot of your homepage, you should think about where to place the logo that links the product to the brand.

Placing the logo not only helps you generate remembrance in the minds of your visitors and future clients but also communicates professionalism and credibility to your visitors. It is especially important for sites where you can make online purchases or sign up for a certain virtual service. It is essential to place the logo in a visible place, taking care that it looks smoothly on devices with smaller screens.

There are several elements and details that you must keep in mind to be able to capture the attention of your visitors from the first screenshot of the homepage. Not only is it enough to have a quality product or service, but it is necessary to promote it from the beginning and project the values of the brand through images and other visual elements so that the user can identify with the brand and decide to place their trust in it.

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