Are houses for sale a good investment in Aruba?

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Would you like to buy a house in Aruba and are you curious about houses for sale Aruba and are you curious whether it is a good investment? Then continue reading this article because I will tell you more about it. Aruba is of course a beautiful island and very popular for American residents. The tropical island is close by and it is easy to reach by plane. The island also ranks very high in visitors for Americans. Aruba is also very happy with American visitors because Americans often earn a lot of money. That money is then spent in Aruba and that is good for the economy of Aruba. 

Investing in a house on Aruba

There are plenty of places where you can invest in a house on Aruba. There are also several options. You can have your own house built or a complex with several apartments. You can also choose to buy an existing house or complex. Anyone in Aruba can get a loan from the bank for a mortgage. However, the mortgage interest rates are very high in Aruba. Interest rates are currently at a percentage of 5.75%. That is very high for many countries. In Europe, the mortgage interest rate is usually only around 1 or 2 percent. 

Are you going to invest and buy a house in Aruba? Then it is often smart to rent out the house or apartment when you are not there yourself. On Aruba you can ask an average of 1000 dollars per month for a 2 room apartment of about 65 square meters. Does the house or apartment have any special facilities? Then you can ask for much more. Investing in a house in Aruba is therefore certainly a good idea when you have the money. Investing in real estate is pretty much the best thing you can do with money.


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