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Maclight Display as a top LCD display module manufacturer insists on providing the best quality display products and professional service to our customers.

Bar TFT is also known as stretched TFT. The main application of bar TFT LCD has a special size, which is mainly used for public information advertisement, bus station, railway station, airport, etc. The bar LCD replaces the traditional LED screen. The display with low consumption, high brightness and contrast will be more and more popular in the future.

3.9 inch bar type tft lcd display module 480×128 dots MCU interface with CTPMLT039W-CTS3

3.9 inch bar TFT LCD

480×128 resolution TFT LCD

LCD module: ili6480 / CTP: gt5663

MCU interface

Product Description: 3.9“ TFT LCD display module with 480 rgbx128 resolution of 3.9 “TFT.  The diagonal length of the TFT LCD is 3.9 “. It is a TFT: ili6480 / CTP: gt5663 controller IC, MCU interface.

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