The outdoor canvas conquers a place in the gardens

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One of the bestsellers in the covid period? Outdoor garden canvases. People with a garden spent a lot of time in their garden because of corona and it soon turned out that a lot of consumers wanted to pimp the garden. The outdoor canvas immediately became extremely popular. Logical because they can easily be obtained online and no helping hands are needed to assemble an outdoor garden canvas and also delivered to your home the next day.

Sales of garden canvases peak

Because we all spent more time in the garden, we soon saw the downsides of our gardens. Blank walls became disturbing and a garden canvas immediately brought colour. In addition, outdoor canvases are not expensive at all and fit into any garden. After all, you can order an outdoor garden canvas in the exact format, so that they come into their own in every garden. From XXL format to a super small garden canvas for people who only have a courtyard: everything is possible.

A garden canvas can be ordered online to the nearest centimetre. This way your outdoor canvas always fit perfectly and the wall can be completely covered. Although the sale of garden canvases peaked during corona, it has not stopped to this day. Many consumers have discovered the outdoor garden canvases and word of mouth is clearly doing its job.

Order your garden canvas from the inventor of the garden posters

Another reason for the popularity of the outdoor canvas is the affordable price tag. A garden poster is not expensive at all, is delivered very quickly and lasts for years. If you are a little careful with your garden canvas, they can easily last 20 to 30 years. You don’t need maintenance and they also withstand the sun effortlessly. At least if you choose an outdoor canvas from a high-quality manufacturer. It is therefore important to order your garden canvases from a reliable company that has been around for years and that has good references. If your photo not printed properly, a lot of the charm will be lost. After all, the photos must be razor-sharp to fully enjoy them.

You should also think in advance how you are going to hang your new outdoor  canvas. Anyone can do it, but there are different options, it just depends on what fits in your garden. There are solutions for both large and small gardens. If you want to keep it as simple as possible, then you’re in the right place with self-adhesive garden posters. Stick and you’re done. You can also easily handle larger specimens on your own.

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