Training referees with a communication system

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The AXIWI football communication systems are the tool for the referee coordinator to guide starting and talented referees. With the communication system, the referee coordinator is in wireless and direct contact with the referee in the field. He can provide the referee with instructions and feedback directly from the sideline / stand. Because the referee coordinator can coach ‘in’ the moment, the learning curve for the referee in the field is shorter, because he can take the feedback directly into his game.

Development of talented referees

The AXIWI communication system is increasingly used to guide talented referees. They often have an umpire coach (standing along the line) who can listen in on the AXIWI communication system with the referee team in the field. Because of this, the referee coach knows exactly what the referees say, what they perceive and how they react to game situations. In this way he can fully analyze the referees’ play and take this information with him for the evaluation after the match.

Training starting referees

It is important for starting referees to develop quickly and be able to supervise matches independently. The AXIWI communication system is an indispensable tool to train starting referees. With a communication system you can properly instruct referees from the sidelines about running lines and how they should position themselves in certain game situations. In this way you are able to provide a referee with immediate feedback during a match and improve his game.

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