Two reasons why you should use Tiktok for business

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TikTok is one of the newest Social Media platforms, which was mostly used by generation Z. The platform keeps growing and now only 60% of the platform users is part of generation Z. Tiktok now has over a billion active users from all around the world. The reason that TikTok is so informal and seems a bit silly for a lot of adults makes that a lot of companies don’t look at TikTok as the platform to include in their marketing strategies. However, the amount of exposure you can get on the platform is no joke. Especially if you want to reach a younger population audience TikTok is a great platform. Want to learn more on why you should use TikTok for business? Keep on reading and we will get into it.

Bind a new generation to your brand

Everybody, young and old, knows McDonalds. You know why? Because they mainly target kids in their marketing strategy. This starts with the child friendly environment the restaurant maintains, and ends in the communication they use for kids. Also the happy meals are a great way to bind kids to your brand. It doesn’t stop there, kids grow up. When the kids grow up they still have a positive feeling with McDonalds. This way McDonalds assures every generation is well known with their product. You can use this strategy aswell when you use TikTok for business!


TikTok offers great exposure. One group of entrepreneurs who really use this to their benefit are Twitch streamers. They use a Twitch converter to take the most exciting parts of their stream and put it on TikTok. On TikTok their video’s get a lot of exposure which gets them new fans and subscriptions on Twitch. For streamers, which tend to have a younger target audience, TikTok truly is one of the best marketing platforms.


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