A comprehensive database with QA vacancies

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Finding relevant QA vacancies may be quite challenging. Do you want to employ all your experience in a different workplace or new industry? Then partner up with STAR! They have valuable contacts with leading technical companies, so they know exactly what these companies are looking for. They will not only look for regular job openings, but they will go above and beyond for you, so you can browse the categorised and comprehensive database.

Powerful people in offshore engineer jobs – STAR helps you

In an ideal situation, you would enhance your search with a clear overview of all the available offshore engineer jobs that you find interesting. However, it is not that easy to find such an overview. However, STAR is in contact with all the leading technical companies and is therefore able to give a clear overview of all the relevant vacancies when it comes to offshore engineer jobs. STAR is the combining factor between offshore engineers and the employers. They bring powerful people and powerful projects together! So, if you are looking for a new and challenging project or job, browse the current job openings at STAR.

Apply for one of the traineeships STAR offers

If you would like to gain valuable work experience in the field, make sure to check out the STAR Academy! Indulge yourself in the testimonials of preceding trainees on their website. The Academy plays a very important role in training new specialists. Apply for one of the traineeships and make sure to learn the ropes of your desired job in the field, for example:

  • Work preparation
  • Commissioning, work preparation and performance
  • Document control
  • Planning
  • HSE

Make sure to check out STAR’s website if you are looking for offshore engineer jobs, QA vacancies or traineeships. They are very willing to help you find a new challenge!

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