All possible ways of smoking

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Somewhere in America, the Indians started smoking. Later, in 1492, Columbus saw the Indians smoking a pipe. It then also spread to Europe. Since then a lot has happened in the field of smoking and a lot is possible. What is possible? You can read that here.


By default, a lot of cigarettes are smoked and shag is also smoked a lot. There is a lot of choice within these two options. For example, with cigarettes, you can also opt for click cigarettes. Then you have to ‘shoot’ the tobacco into the sleeve with a device. The sleeve has a filter. There is also special shag for click cigarettes.

There are also people who spin shag. They buy a pack of tobacco and some rolling papers. They smoke without a filter. There are also various brands of shag with different amounts of nicotine. Is there a lot in it? Then this is called heavy shag.

Portable vaporizer

What is also on the rise are e-cigarettes. They are a lot more practical, because you can ‘take them off’ at any time. They don’t call them the portable vaporizer for nothing. That immediately indicates the convenience. It also indicates what it is a bit like in terms of experience, a portable vaporizer is a bit like a water pipe in terms of experience. You can smoke all kinds of things with a portable vaporizer, or rather vape, such as something with a strawberry flavour. You can also choose to vape without nicotine. A clear advantage is that you could reduce your amount of nicotine in this way. Is vaping without nicotine healthy? For the time being, the figures show that you cannot simply say that. Eliminating nicotine is in any case a first step.

Other ways

Pipe smoking, as the Indians used to do, is not much done anymore. What is also not very common, that is cigar smoking. That’s more of a niche market. It is also thought that pipe smoking and cigar smoking are a lot unhealthier than the above forms of smoking.

The most healthy? Of course, that’s not smoking. It’s also cheaper. However, quitting smoking is not easy. Once you’re addicted, it’s hard to get rid of it. For example, a first cigarette ‘just to try it once’ can ensure that you lose a considerable amount of capital in the future to a smoking addiction. So think about what you are doing beforehand.
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