Bulk liquid transport

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Large units of products must be transported. To transport liquids you need good transport vehicles. You can hire a company for bulk liquid transport, for example to transport your milk. Transport is a big word, because it concerns many forms and types of transport. Transporting liquids such as milk falls under bulk liquid transport. This is transported by means of a large tank trailer behind a truck. This can only be by road, but also by train or ship. If only road transport is used for pre and post transport, this is combined transport. Milk has to be transported, so you use a tanker for bulk milk transport. Large companies transport tons of raw milk every day.

Why use bulk liquid transport

There are a number of advantages to using a bulk liquid transport:

–       Low costs

–       Safe and reliable transport

–       Good for the environment

If an exporter does not need an entire container or tank, he can opt for intermodal transport. The combination of full load and groupage systems makes this possible. This means lower costs. Using the service of bulk liquid transport is safe and reliable. They protect the load during the transport cycle. The risk of theft and damage is minimized. The service is from collection to delivery according to a strict procedure. This makes it safe and reliable. Sustainability is increasingly important for all companies, the impact on the environment must be as minimal as possible. Bulk liquid transport reduces your ecological footprint. Less co2 emissions, so better for the environment. These advantages make it attractive to hire milk transport.

Know your transport

Of course you have to know what you have transported by bulk liquid transport. so know your weight and the volume of your transport. This applies to everything you want to transport. Everything that is liquid you need to know its weight and volume. This indicates which and how many trucks and tanks you will need for the transport. So calculate this for organizing bulk liquid transport. It is important to know the correct weight and volume. This is because there are rules for maximum weights for the trucks and tanks. A logistics specialist can help you with this and tell you more about it. Brexit has also caused some commotion, make sure you know all about this if your products have to be transported to England.

Staying informed during transport

Of course you want to know where your milk is when you send it on its way. You can follow the bulk liquid transport and stay updated during the ride. You will then be informed about the delivery time and possible delays. This is done via a special app, which contains the information. The system sends all information to you through a specially designed customer portal. It also contains other documents that are relevant. This is a handy way to stay up to date during transport. This ensures that the transport runs as smoothly as possible.

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