Buying a house: 3 things you should pay attention to

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Are you in the market for a new home in the Netherlands? You must have noticed that the Dutch housing market is upside down at the moment. But it’s certainly not impossible to, for example, buy a house in rotterdam. Buying a home is very exciting and you must decide fast in a short-time period. You may only have one opportunity to tour a home before making an offer. We have 3 things for you to pay attention to when you are buying a house.

1.     An excellent real estate agency is essential

A real estate agency is very important, because how else can you see the forest for the trees? If you’re looking for a house for sale in den haag for example, it’s very important to look for a real estate agency that knows all the ropes. Also it is important that a real estate agent has a lot of experience in house viewing. The following aspects are also very important for choosing a real estate agency:

  • Guidance on house viewings
  • Free consultation and appraisal
  • The real estate agency must be in possession of the correct certificates
  • Space for negotiation
  • Great reviews from customers
  • Individual attention

2.     Location is key

The location of your future dreamhouse must be in a good and safe environment. If the home is not in the right community or in the wrong district, you can rule it out before visiting the house. This will spare you a lot of time and stress. Write things what your dream neighbourhood looks like. Don’t forget traffic, the neighbors and how far you must travel to your work. Inform your real estate agent about your requirements, so that he can take that into account.

3.     Look for limitations and damages

You may not have the expertise to be able to tell if a roof has reached the end of its natural life. However, if something looks worn, it is a sign that you need to ask more questions about the condition of the house. Use your eyes and nose to look for water damage. A leak that is undetected can cause a lot of damage, and will cost a lot of money to repair.

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