Calculator for mortgages in the Netherlands

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Obviously buying a house costs a lot of money. Most people won’t be able to pay for it out of their pockets. As such people get a mortgage on their house. There are various mortgage providers out there. If you are looking for a mortgage in the Netherlands, you can get an impression of the maximum possible mortgage available to you by using Finsens’ calculator.

Easy to use calculator

The calculator is very easy to use and will give you an indication of the maximum mortgage, based on the data you’ve filled in. The calculator will also show you the monthly costs that come with the mortgage, the sharpest interest rates around and the top 5 mortgage lenders. As such the tool is great to use when you are orientating for a good mortgage against sharp rates.

Getting an accurate indication

To get an accurate estimation of your maximum possible mortgage you need to fill in some data. Firstly the calculator needs to know your current income situation, your gross income per year. If you are living with a spouse you will need to fill in his or her income as well. Furthermore you need to fill in the purchase price of the house, additional costs, plus your own input. Lastly the calculator needs to know which kind of mortgage you are looking to get.

Independent and personal advice

As an independent financial consultant agency Finsens provides advice for people who are looking for a mortgage. Finsens has over 25 years of experience and provides up-to-date knowledge. Their consultants specialize in both residential and buy-to-let mortgages. Appointments can be made at flexible times (even after office hours). You can contact their office in Amsterdam via +31 20 262 43 50 or the contact form on their website.

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