Help! Which school bag should I choose?

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A school bag is probably one of the most important accessories for a student. That is why it is important to choose a good school bag, because you use this bag every day! Can you also use some tips when choosing a handy school bag? In this article we share a number of nice examples.


Most students are likely to choose a backpack as their favorite school bag. This is because a backpack is easy and comfortable to wear, especially if you have to cycle to school. Furthermore, a backpack is very suitable for carrying heavy books and a laptop, because the two shoulder straps distribute the weight evenly over your shoulders and you therefore have less chance of back and shoulder pain.


A shopper is also very popular with many students, because a lot fits in well here too. You can also opt for shoppers with or without a zipper. Usually you can store more things in a shopper without a zipper at the top, so that is also something to keep in mind. Furthermore, shoppers are available in the nicest designs, but with a simple leather shopper you are actually always in the right place because it can be used all year round and fits all outfits.

Messenger bag

You can store a lot of books in a messenger bag and you usually wear this bag diagonally over your shoulders. This gives a casual and casual look and is therefore perfect for going to school! Just as with backpacks, it is important with a messenger bag that you can adjust the shoulder strap to the correct length. One day your bag might be a bit heavier than the other day and then it can make quite a difference in wearing comfort if you can adjust the strap.

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