How to Craft the Perfect On-Hold Message for Your Business

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Did you know that a creative and professional on-hold message can retain clients, give a good first impression, and even grow your business? Below are ways on how to craft a perfect on-hold message for your callers.

1. Know your customer

Once you know who your clients are, whether they are female or male or a good mix of both, what language they speak, and what they want, it would be easier to choose the perfect voice-over artist for the task.

Use the answers you get to build a caller profile, which should include crucial information like a list of the most frequently asked questions and how long they stay on hold.

2. Use a perfectly written script

You need to know who is most likely to call you and what is the best way to approach them. The process is best attained through the collaboration of your customer representatives and marketing team.

3. Use a seasoned voice talent

A successful on-hold message will definitely help shape your business’ branding. It may contain a few words: however, a carefully created and impactful message will boost customer retention and satisfaction.

To achieve this, you need to use a voice that your targeted clients can relate with and have no issue listening to. So if you do need the help of a Dutch voice over artist, it is the perfect time to reach out to a dedicated, highly skilled service provider.

4. Include on-hold music

A combination of on-hold music and message is an ideal combination to create a more pleasant on-hold experience. The on-hold music you choose should also reflect the sentiment you wish to portray to your callers and the tone of your business.


A perfectly crafted on-hold message can create a positive caller experience and a direct way to market to your audience. All you need is the right voice over actor, well-written script, habitual updates and a little creativity.





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