Swelling After Removal of Plaster Cast

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When your hand or arms comes out of the cast after bone of the wrist fracture, you might feel that you cannot move your hand or arm as fully or fluently as you expect to do.

This happens because the musclese that are linked to the wrist that enable your wrists move are weak now and need exercise to gain the moveability again.

If you feel swelling after removal of plaster cast Handfizz is your device that trains your wrist for best and fastest recovery.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation (PTR) is essential to eliminate the limitation of movement after wrist fracture. FTR helps strengthen the wrist joint and surrounding muscles and improve range of motion.

FTR should begin immediately after cast removal. Exercises after cast removal wrist starting early helps prevent or reduce movement limitation.

FTR involves a series of exercises, usually including:

  • Passive movements: The physical therapist moves your wrist. This helps your muscles and joints get used to moving.
    Wrist exercises for passive movements
  • Active movements: You move your wrist yourself. This helps strengthen your muscles using robotic physiotherapy devices.
    Wrist exercises for active movements
  • Stretching: You move your wrist against a resistance band or elastic band. This helps increase the strength and endurance of your muscles.
    Resistance band exercises for wrist
  • Extensive movement: You move your wrist through its full range of motion. This helps increase joint mobility.


Comprehensive range of motion exercises for the wrist

The FTR program is tailored to individual needs. Your physical therapist will help you choose the right exercises and program for you. 

In addition to FTR, make sure to use your wrist regularly. This will help maintain the mobility of muscles and joints.

To prevent limitation of movement after wrist fracture, it is important to start FTR immediately after the cast is removed. Additionally, you should take care to use your wrist regularly.

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