How to Invest in FIFA 21

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Today we are going to discuss the ways of investment and making coins in FIFA 21.

This article is based on what we have experienced in trading in FIFA 21. Now, trading tips usually don’t work. Usually when someone on the internet tells you to buy player X for Y amount of coins, doubt it. Because that person has probably cornered the market and tries to get you to buy his players. And that’s the reason why we only layout the technicals and not tell you who or what to buy and you’ll have to calculate the situation each time and buy and sell based on your current situation.

Investing in FIFA 21

Investing is a long term process that has a higher risk and also a higher profit. The method is to buy a large number of cards and invest based on the variation of their prices in FIFA 21 Coins. So here is what you’re going to do; buy rare gold cards and high-rated cards which are essential in SBCs. In cases like Premier League Player of the Month SBC, cards with a rate of 87 counts good for the investment that will generate around 3000 FUT 21 coins per card (considering 5% EA’s tax per transaction on the card’s seller).

Here is a formulate of the profit:

Earned FIFA 21 Coins = ( Card’s Buying FUT Coins + Profit Coins ) / 0.95*

* 5% is deducted because of EA’s Tax

Risks of the investment in FIFA 21

Investment in FIFA 21 comes with its risks. We assume that with the investment formula (the above formula), the invested card’s price will go up and you’d expect to make profits, but remember that it could also go down and you’d lose some of your FIFA 21 FUT coins. One of the important things on this step is to make sure the player’s price hasn’t already priced in the change of value which means the market has already made the players use in SBCs price higher and if an SBC does occur, the player’s price won’t rise much. To check if an event is already priced in, look at a player’s daily price graph on FUTBIN, and see if it has ascended recently. And if it hasn’t, then it would be reasonable to buy the cards and invest in it. 

Trading in FIFA 21

Trading is different than investment because it has a lower risk and it’s very simple. Trading falls into two categories: Higher Profit and More Trades

Now before we discuss how to trade in FIFA 21, you need to understand two things.

BID and BIN prices in FIFA 21

  • Bid price: The average bid price of a card is the average amount you can buy the card for using the auction bidding process.
  • BIN price: BIN is the lowest price that you can buy the card in the market right away. 

The difference between the average bid versus the lowest BIN is called the spread. Now, to calculate the profit margin of trading in FIFA 21, we can use this formula:

PM* = (Sold Price x 0.95) – Cost

* Profit Margin

Which the cost gets deducted by 5% (EA tax) and then deducted by the card’s purchase price and the result is your profit margin. You see by looking at the formula, that the higher the price of the card, the higher the profit margin.

Higher Profit

The first category in FIFA 21 trading is called Higher profit which mainly focuses on making more profit out of each sale instead of going for a lower profit margin and a higher number of trades. Let’s say you have an Onana card in which the price is around 6k coins. In SBC it would gain around 10K. So, PM = 10K – 5% – 6K, and your profit will be 3,500K FUT 21 Coin.

So here is what you need to do. Since we experienced this ourselves; go for Bronze or Silver cards that usually get used in Squad Building Challenges. bidding affects the market and when those cards become rare, you would be able to sell them at high prices. Because FIFA players wouldn’t mind paying more just to be done with the SBC.

More Trades

As we mentioned above; the more you trade, the more will your profit be. For example, the silver cards cannot be sold as fast as gold cards as they are used in many places. So, going for gold cards will allow you to trade more and thus, more profits in FIFA 21. Let’s say a card has a Bid price of 710 Fut 21 coins and the average BIN of 960 coins. In this case, all you need to do is bid on that card several times at the price of 710 coins (the average bid) and when you decide to sell the cards, the sold price will be the card’s BIN price that you can find in FUTBIN. So, you’ll make around 250 FIFA 21 coins from one card. Multiply it by 10, you’ll get 2.5K coins. You can trade as much as you need to make enough coins since there’s no limit and use the coins for whatever items or players you want.

Remember: Always include the 5% tax when working with bid/BIN spread.
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