MindCapture celebrates 10 years of providing services for the life sciences ecosystem.

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We are proud to announce a decade of life sciences consultancy and precision staffing.

31st of January 2012, the world was different those days. Talents in life sciences were also highly demanded, but “scarcity had another dimension”.

Where in those days, for an exciting job, 3 to 5 candidates were lining up in our search stream easily, now, for 1 validated candidate, 3 to 5 exciting companies are queuing up, to get his or her attention. Our consultancy and staffing services have never stopped to be relevant as we have been adapting our approach to this changing context.

During these 10 years, we have experienced and shared many insights and formulas for career building and entrepreneurial success, but most importantly, we strived for personal happiness of the talents we encountered, aiming for a good work-life balance, the basis of all progress.


So why did we choose the name MindCapture, why “Mind” and “Capture”’?


– Dictionary wise, “Mind” can be translated as “the element of a person that enables him or her to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel “. Another interpretation to be found in literature is the “person’s ability to think, the reason; the intellect ».

We add a third dimension of interpretation to the word “Mind” as in someone’s “Personal Cloud”, an infinite repository with capabilities, thoughts and experiences”.


– The word “Capture” is somewhat trickier, as it can also have different meanings. The relevant and more appropriate significance in this context is to “record something accurately for optimal and focused deploying”. In the combination of both words, lies the mission of “MindCapture “: “Understanding and recording one’s personal cloud of ideas, experiences and ambitions, for better deployment and focused actions”.

At MindCapture, we believe that the formula for personal success boils down to “the identification of a limitless desire, passion and determination to achieve crystal-clear concrete goals, by understanding one’s mind and to capture it to focused deployment”.

In other words, to help people do what he or she is “good at” (skills), what he or she “likes to do” (personal interests) and where he or she wants to have an impact on (internal “why”), reflected on how the talent wants to be rewarded.


During the last 4 years, we expanded our ecosystem through our sister company StaffYourTribe (www.staffyourtribe.com), capturing IT development talents for 21st-century environments.

We also initiated the new division MindCapture Cleantech (www.mindcapture-cleantech.com), tackling the profiles that will help find solutions to make our economy more circular and more sustainable. Combining these 3 fields of technical expertise (life sciences, cleantech and IT development),  we believe to have found the ideal mix to bring challenging jobs to dedicated talents with a background in technology and science. Through our talent consultancy programs, we cater for satisfying the need of the hiring market and accelerating the career ambitions of the promising talents.


Do you want to know more?

Visit our website and follow us on LinkedIn!


Written by managing director and founder Kris Vanhercke

February 7, 2022 |

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