Podobrace Ankle Support

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While ankle sprains are common among athletes, they can also happen to you when walking, running or even standing. A sprain occurs when you twist your ankle awkwardly, forcing your ankle ligaments beyond their normal range of motion.

To avoid this occurrence, athletes wear specially designed athletic shoes, but they also combine them with ankle support for additional support. In addition to preventing sprains, you can also use ankle support to decrease the pain and speed up the healing process if you already have a sprain.

What is an Ankle Support?

Ankle support is a device made of a combination of plastic, metal and fabric. They are designed to compress, support and reinforce the ankle without causing discomfort to the wearer. While you can wear ankle support to prevent injuries, your healthcare provider can also prescribe them to aid in quick recovery if you have sprained your ankle.

Podobrace Ankle Support

Podobrace offers you the following varieties of ankle support for varying uses and age groups.

The Gladiator Lightweight Ankle Support with Straps

This ankle support is the best option for daily activities like sports and work. They are designed to fit perfectly to the leg and absorb sweat, plus it is light and easy to wear. You can use this ankle support before, during and after an ankle sprain.

The Morsa Children Ankle Support

This ankle support best suits children below twelve and should only be used after a doctor’s recommendation. The support’s design protects and supports the child’s ankle while providing warmth. Ensure that you have bought the right size to avoid straining the ankle.

Baueirfeind Malleoloc Ankle Support

This ankle is the best choice when your ankle is severely destabilised. The support helps the ankle heal faster by keeping it in place. It is also comfortable to use as you can wear it with shoes.

Active Ankle T2 Ankle Support

You can wear this ankle support to prevent ankle injuries like fractures and sprains. Wearing this support when the injury has already occurred will also help avoid further injury. The support has an adjustable strap for different shoe designs, plus you can wear it on either foot.

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