Simply treat the calcium deficiency in your dairy cows

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Are you looking for a solution for the calcium deficiency in your dairy cows? The health of your cattle is of the highest importance to you as a dairy farmer. Dairy cows are especially sensitive to a calcium deficiency after calving. This can result in serious health issues, such as milk fever. Especially older cows can have trouble with setting free enough calcium from their bones in these situations. Milk fever is a severe calcium deficiency within 24 hours. With the right feeding additives you can prevent and treat the calcium deficiency in dairy cows effectively. Kimtec International has created the product KatAn®, which is a group of palatable anionic salts. Interested in how these help out in these situations? Make sure to read on.

How does KatAn® prevent milk fever?

When cows are calving, their demand of calcium increases to produce enough colostrum. In turn, this demand can create a calcium deficiency in your dairy cows. Milk fever can be the result of this deficiency. Katan® can offer the right solution in situations like this. This additive is a food supplement for your cows, which will make their calcium levels rise. This solves the deficiency and in turn prevents or resolves milk fever. At Kimtec International they know you want to keep your cattle healthy. Choose the right product to realize this.

The highest quality control standards

Kimtec International’s products are produced under the highest quality control standards in the industry. They are produced according to the HACCP and GMP regulations to make sure they meet all customers’ demands. This company ships globally, is represented in many countries and is more than ready to help you achieve happy and healthy cattle. Make sure to get in touch with them to discuss the possibilities of making a big difference in the health of your animals.

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