Social Distancing Screens For Events & Exhibitions

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Social distancing screens have been welcomed across the UK, into all sectors to make each environment safer. Whilst offices, gyms, restaurants, and other confined spaces have adapted to the screening available – when will exhibitions resume and what safety measures will be in place?

With no confirmed dates for exhibitions and events to go ahead, we can’t advise there but we can suggest some screening options available and how they’ll be able to securely divide your stand space.

Printed exhibition stands and accessories will still be required to draw in a crowd, but your aim is to re-create the norm and produce a comfortable environment. With a wide selection of screens available, your social distancing spaces will be modern and safe.

Acrylic Screens

The acrylic solution has been a popular choice by far. Mainly for the wipeable surface, but also for the transparency you’ll receive with a clear acrylic finish. By using clear acrylic, your space can be seen without obstructing the view of any area.

Clear acrylic will divide the space, allow visitors to see into your stand and make it easy to see others and adhere to the social distancing rules.

Laminate Screens

White gloss laminate is generally selected for education and healthcare sectors but is incredibly versatile for any environment. Laminate is a solid surface and is the ideal solution to create socially distanced booths.

The white surface can offer privacy to create spacious rooms and can be used for making notes with a whiteboard finish. An easy clean surface is also at the top of our priority list – luckily, the gloss laminate ticks all of those boxes.

Printed Office Screens

Take your partitioning to the next step with the addition of custom print. The printed screen option is a 2 in 1, as it divides and continues the theme of your exhibition stand space. 

Use the double sided screens to add a custom design, so whilst visitors are waiting they’ll be able to learn more about your business and what you have to offer.

Ways to use the social distancing screens

Each stand space and size will determine how your exhibition stand will be organised. Here are some ideas below on how to utilise your screens;

–          Seating areas

–          Private meeting room

–          One way systems

–          Queuing system

–          As part of the display with printed panels
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