TaskXS Latest Incredible Activities and Developments

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As a project manager, you need to stay in touch with the contractor and other team members at all times, regardless of your location. XS Project is your perfect solution if you are currently running a project, but you can’t be on-site all the time.

The software is a practical tool for ensuring the construction project managers stays in touch with their contractors and other team members, even when miles away.

You have to upload the project details on the requirement template; share and update the permits, reports, requirements, drawings, and the contractors’ approved drawings. With everything set and in place, you can communicate with the team through chats and conference calls (videos). Below are the XS’s latest developments and activities.

McDonald’s Nederland

The construction department of McDonald’s Nederland recently selected Task XS Project for all its future project management roles. The facility constructs and remodels more than 40 projects every year and has an incredible team of certified consultants and suppliers. The professionals are responsible for preparing, designing, building and renovating restaurants and other properties. Partnering with TaskXS Project makes everything bigger and better.

De Koepel Haarlem

Following its recent mega renovation, De Koepel, Haarlem is set to resume its activities on 3rd January 2022. Having served as a prison for almost a decade, De Koepel has become a highly spectacular monument in the area. The recent renovations include a range of expansions and modifications whose results include six halls in the basement – recently constructed. Additional floors have also been added to serve as meeting rooms and lecture halls, while the previous prisoner cells have been transformed into startups’ workspaces.

TaskXS is honoured to announce its great partnerships with De Koepel through the TaskXS Wallet App. The latter will give the clients (tenants) access to the property documents relating to their rented space.

In addition to the above, TaskXS also announced its partnership with De Hallen, Amsterdam, during the software’s web application launch. This software aims to keep you updated on everything going on at the site, whether you are present or absent. It is one of the most convenient ways of managing your project and minimising errors, no matter your schedule or location.

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