The Timeless Beauty of the Asscher Cut Diamond

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Diamonds have been a symbol of luxury, elegance and beauty for centuries. They fascinate us with their sparkling splendour and have a special appeal. One of the most stunning and timeless cuts is the Asscher-cut diamond. With its unique look and rich history, the Asscher-cut diamond is a true eye-catcher. 


History of the Asscher cut 

The Asscher-cut diamond was introduced in 1902 by Dutch gem cutter Joseph Asscher. A master of his craft, he experimented with different cuts to maximise the beauty of diamonds. He eventually developed the Asscher Cut, a cut that would become loved by jewellers and diamond lovers around the world.


The characteristics of the Asscher Cut

What makes the Asscher-cut diamond so special is its unique square shape with rounded corners. This cut usually has 58 facets, carefully placed to reflect light in a beautiful way. The Asscher-cut has a deep, cascading appearance, creating a striking play of light and shadow.


Another striking feature of the Asscher-cut diamond is the so-called ‘Hall of Mirrors’ effect. When you look through the table of the diamond, you see a pattern of striking reflections that resemble the corridors of a hall of mirrors, hence the name. This effect gives the Asscher cut an undeniable charisma and makes it one of the most fascinating cuts available. 


Popularity of the diamond

Although the popularity of the Asscher-cut diamond has fluctuated over the years, this cut has experienced a remarkable resurgence in recent decades. Modern jewellers have gained a renewed appreciation for the classic and vintage look of the Asscher-cut, which fits perfectly with today’s trend of retro and art deco styles.


Celebrities such as Kate Hudson and Zooey Deschanel have embraced the Asscher-cut diamond as their choice for engagement rings, making it even more popular among brides-to-be and lovers of sophisticated jewellery.


Asscher cut engagement ring

An engagement ring is a symbol of love and devotion. Choosing the right cut for the diamond is an important aspect when buying an engagement ring. The Asscher-cut diamond is an excellent choice for those looking for a unique and eye-catching ring.


With its combination of vintage charm and timeless elegance, the Asscher cut diamonds is the perfect choice for someone who loves a classic look with a contemporary touch. Moreover, this cut exudes a sense of sophistication and allure that is sure to impress everyone who sees it.


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