Want to get the most out of Google Analytics?

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We know you’re busy, so we want to save you some time. That’s why we can collect the raw data from Google Analytics, and have your analytics account ready in only 24 hours. Google Analytics tracks a lot of data. But it doesn’t track everything. For example, you can’t see how much time a customer spends on your website or what page he/she scrolls to the most. And if you want to know what marketing campaign drove more clicks to your website, there’s no reporting for that in Google Analytics. So how does the Odyssey tracking work?


Let us explore these prior sessions. They are the touchpoints found on Google Paid Search, Facebook or affiliate sites. We provide the visitor ID as a unique identifier for these data points. Now, we look at every session before the one that resulted in a transaction. We find out where sessions come from and what the touchpoints were (e.g. Google Paid Search, Facebook, or an affiliate). To connect these dots, we use visitor ID as a unique identifier. 


Odyssey can access your current BigQuery dataset from Google Analytics. We’ll never change your Google Analytics or BigQuery settings, but we do need access to your new data. Using Google Analytics 360, Odyssey can collect data from BigQuery. We will export all of the data that is needed by Google to BigQuery, which will then allow Odyssey to access your current BigQuery dataset. In this way, we don’t change your current setup with Google Analytics or BigQuery. We just need access to your account. Odyssey takes the hassle out of using Google Analytics by making it easy to set up. If you use Google Analytics, Odyssey can access your account through the API and collect the required data. We won’t make any changes to your Google account but we will be able to take advantage of its API, which is super simple. Once we’ve collected and analyzed the data, we store the daily averages of the collected data. The raw data is either stored in BigQuery (if you’re using GA360) or deleted (if not). If you want integrations for multi touch attribution, Salesforce Datorama also integrates with Odyssey.

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