What is multi-touch attribution and why is it important for me to know?

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Whichever point you choose to focus on, our digital marketing services will help you attract qualified leads and engage customers like never before. We can manage everything from your entire online presence to a strategic e-commerce platform. Getting visibility online doesn’t have to be complex or expensive; we deliver results with customized plans that fit your business needs and budget.

There are many digital touchpoints in today’s consumer journey. As a brand, you need to understand each of your most important online touchpoints and how they can help you reach your business goals. By defining these touchpoints and creating a strategy for each one—including who will do what, when it will be done, and with what supporting assets—you gain greater control over your marketing investments. Without this plan in place, you’re likely to spread your efforts too thin across too many touchpoints and multi-touch attribution.

Incrementality is all about understanding what brings you the most value. A source of traffic, a particular campaign, or an individual keyword can contribute to your business in different ways. For example, after analyzing the incremental increase of visits directly attributable to a given campaign or traffic source (visits that would not likely have occurred without that source), it becomes relatively easy to understand the performance of specific marketing activities, making it easier to prioritize future campaigns and efforts. Digital touchpoints are essential to today’s marketing strategy. Through the right channel, you can easily tap into the needs of target audiences. A digital strategy includes designing strategies to engage customers through multiple touchpoints. For example, your company may advertise on Facebook, but your customers may also interact with you across multiple platforms every day. If every step in the customer journey is managed well, this will help to increase brand loyalty and generate sales growth.

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