Why Does My YouTube Videos Keep Pausing?

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Nowadays during the lockdown phase amid the coronavirus pandemic, the majority of us have adopted this habit of watching YouTube videos on an everyday basis to keep yourself entertained. However, in the process, if you’re experiencing ‘constant pausing of YouTube videos’ issue then, it may be because of these following factors—

  • Slow Internet Connection
  • Technical fault in YouTube-Server
  • Firewall Conflicting with YouTube
  • Or the Faulty Browser

So, to deal with them in order to resolve the ‘YouTube keeps pausing’ issue perform the following solutions:

  • Solution 1: To fix the ‘Slow Internet Connection’ cause and to increase the bandwidth available to YouTube videos, what best you can do is close the other open browser tabs that are using the Internet. Other than this, you can also adjust your YouTube videos quality from the gray gear like icon which is there on the navigation bar.
  • Solution 2: To know whether there is any server issue or not, you can check the YouTube server by visiting the website called ‘Downdetector.in’
  • Solution 3: You can disable your Windows Firewall by navigating from the ‘Control Panel’ to ‘Windows Firewall’ and then clicking on its ‘Turn off’ option.
  • Solution 4: Optimize your web browser by clearing its history, cache, and cookies from the browser ‘Settings.’

That’s it! If you follow the steps of these solutions correctly then, you’ll be able to troubleshoot
the issue that you’re encountering while playing YouTube videos.

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